Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Are you having a nice Sunday afternoon?
Well here the sun is shining and basking my pretty little petunias in a lovely warm glow. They sit in their pots right outside the window where I sit. Their soft, little heads nod in the breeze.
Perfect weather for being outside taking advantage of the warming sun before the afternoon shadows return to deliver the brisk cold air.

I was hoping to make this a sewing/quilting thread but have nothing worth showing at this stage.
I have been in one of my slumps. You know the ones? Tired, restless wanting to do something but can not focus long enough to work on it. It's all there for the taking, just don't have the mojo.
It's not uncommon for me to be like this as long time readers will know. I struggle some days with depression and certain events can really set me back in my seat and render me practical comatose. I get lost in my thoughts. Yep I really do I can awake to find that I have been unaware of my surroundings for as long as half an hour. This is happening a lot lately. Of course having sleep apnoea is not helpful either, although I am awaiting on tests for this.

I have done some work on mindfulness and had some success with it too. The thing with me, I need to keep practicing it. :)
I have a few new projects in mind and I will be up to it shortly but I do waste many hours drifting *sigh*.

Okay enough of my ramblings, better hit publish before blogger throws a tantrum and deletes my post. There are a few issues going on there, hope they are soon rectified.
Oh also thank you to he lovely people who visit my blog and even leave a comment. I am very happy to see this, it means someone out there is listening to me.
And we all like to be heard.

P.S If you want to use the link it is right click, can not get it to do the other way.

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  1. Jan, thanks for stopping by my blog. I replied to your comment here:
    Gorgeous photo above, and I enjoyed looking at your and your daughter's creations in the last post too.