Tuesday, May 10, 2011

All over the place


Well after reading this hint in the blogging thread on SS forum I am composing this post in Microsoft Word and then copying and posting into blogger. I think this will turn out well for me as I can see exactly how much I am writing. There is not a great deal to talk about today as I am feeling under the weather. Still. I have been miserable for a few weeks and it is not shifting despite taking the medication, so will need to investigate other methods of getting out of the doldrums. It really is the pits; I mean I am annoyed at myself, let alone other poor people putting up with me.

The girls tried hard to make my mother’s day as nice as possible and it was, but I was unable to take the full enjoyment their efforts deserved. I do know that I am a lucky woman to have been given five such lovely, caring daughters. They cooked for me, massaged me, some sent flowers, others cleaned.

What more can a mother ask for? I tell you these kids of ours are a blessing.

Well we have survived the first mother’s without my dear mother. I had wanted to visit the cemetery, but my body would not cooperate with me.

The bloke has his days of starting today, he works 4 days on 4 days off and this seems to suit him down to the ground. It means he has time to get all of those mundane chores done around the place and it also allows him to kick back and chill for a few hours and have a beer and watch a movie on the T.V. We all need time out don’t we? The bloke has been working since he was sixteen years old, when he started his apprenticeship as a mechanic, so that is over thirty six years in the workforce, with not that many holidays to be honest. If someone is due a proper holiday it’s this bloke. Oh for that great big lotto win eh?

                       Geraldton foreshore

I am aware that I don’t stick to one topic when I post I am all over the place, a real reflection on what is going on inside the head really. Scramble. But please do let me know if I am a waffling and I will do my best to sort it out.

I would like to know what people would like to read when they come here. Is there any one thing I could rabbit on about? What is the one thing you come to my blog for? Come on let me know I am genuinely interested to know.

Well that’s enough warbling for one post, I will stick some pics up for some colour, random shots probably.

            Toy poodle 'Smog'



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