Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The bloke lighting the bbq for our bush lunch
I feel that not much has been happening around here. But when I think harder I realise that of course there is, but maybe I'm just a little disassosiated from it all.
Changes. Allways will be. This is life. The bloke is embarking on a new job soon. It will mean that he gets to be home more. Now this change I do like. We have big plans to fill this increased time at home. Finishing renovations *sigh*, more home cooking, becoming more organised, small trips away.
Yes this new chapter looks like it might be fun, I'll let you all know.
Not much sewing unless you count two tiny drink coasters made from scraps. But I can feel another project coming on. And I think it will be a big one. I am considering making a new quilt for my bed, but rather than struggle with the buld of fabric that makes up a king sized bed quilt, I reckon I will send it of to the long arm quilter-yeh.

An poor attempt at photographing quilts

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ebbs & Flows

Cottesloe Beach, Perth W.A

Ebbs and flows.Life is like that isn't it?

I sit here writing in my blog this morning after a bad start to the day.

Or as it is more commonly known in this house- getting out of the wrong side of the bed!

Not sure where that saying came from, but I might look it up if I remember later on. Back to add that I did look up the saying which is actually called an idiom and this is the background info here.

You see I have some significant health issues that are not easily fixed and some most days I am woken from my sleep, in the very early hours, by pain. It take me a while to be able to stand and do the stagger to the bathroom and then out to the dining room where I have a couch all set up to accomodate my tired, worn body.

Anyway after that the pain settles a bit and then I just have stiffness and arthritic issues.

But after all this I can then get onto the net and write and check in on my assorted blogs that I follow. I also do a facebook check in though that is so slow I give up most of the time.

If I have a sewing day planned I will get started on that. But I really have to psyche myself up to get into the vibe.

At the moment I have just one WIP, and really I am just waiting on me being able to find some Charm squares to match the ones I have already put into this quilt. It will be for my youngest daughter who wants a new bright bed cover.

Seagull Cottesloe Beach, Perth W.A

Well things are slowly getting better, partly thanks to the coffee my dear daughter went out and bought for me. Mmmmm I can feel myself alligning with my world now...

What are your mornings like? Are you facing some life challenges, if so how do you cope?

Talk more soon.

Monday, July 19, 2010

A finish and a home coming

A short post this afternoon. The girl has arrived home to one very happy poodle, the relief is noticeable.
I also managed to attach the binding to this table runner I started a couple of weeks back. I really was not in the right frame of mind to sew, but I did and although I was not fully concentrating I think it looks okay. Just have to sew the binding to the back and it will be on the table. I do apologise for the quality of the pictures, I used my mobile phone to take them as I could not be bothered to get the digital camera out. Sad but true.
Talk more soon.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's all about the boy!

This little fellow is going to be the happiest poodle around tomorrow afternoon. Why? Well his most favourite person in the world, who also happens to be our yougest daughter, returns from 2 weeks holidays.
 The bloke and I have been dogsitting and we are more than ready to hand the responsibility back to the girl. Why? Because this dog has been very demanding. He wants to go out then 5 minutes later he barks to get back in. We let him in then he sits at the door with pleading eyes until we let him out again. This goes on all day and half the night!
We are so tired and my nerves are stretched. Somehow his restlessness carries to me and I can't rest properly as he wonders the house looking for his girl. Sad too some times as he goes out to the patio gate and sits there looking through the slats on the gate waiting for her to return. He will stay there for hours.
We got this pup from my sister who had heard that this dog was being given away as the owners were moving away and were unable to take this dog and his wife (yes our baby was married). Any way my sister thought he would be a good companion for out mother, after dad died. She didnt think she could look after him so they came to me. Big mistake! Of course we could not resist him. :)
He adopted the yougest as his own human pet. He is 100% devoted to her and spends every waking moment with her, always near her and never far from her. The only time he accepts that she's not here is when she goes to school. Anything else and he frets.
A clever, loyal, freindly little fella.
Smog says welcome home Paula and so do we.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Well TGIF. For the past 2 weekends the bloke has been taking the whole weekend of from paid work. He then spends the weekend doing all the stuff that needs doing in the house and yard. He goes at his own pace and already this has made a huge difference to our life. He is a little more relaxed I am really happy to have another person in the house and it just seems to be generaly happier house. It has been quite good not having the girl here for the past 2 weeks although she returns home on Monday.

It has given us a glimpse of what our life will be like if and when she flies the coop later in the year.
Dont get me wrong I love her a lot but it has done us both good to be apart for a while.
I never thought when I had the five kids in various stages of childhood that this time would come, it seems never ending.
Now a new life is appearing on the horizon and I am scared, anxious, happy, sad, hopeful and also proud.
This is the first time that hubby and I get to be just a couple again and frankly I don't know what we are in for.
We had the first of our kids 6 months after we married so have been a steadily growing family for 25 years.
Now looking to the future.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Love the golden sun

I love the sun on these cold winter days. Looking out the window and seeing the grass so green and full of water. Colours in winter are more full don't you think?
But when the sun slips behind a cloud, oh it feels like someone has turned out the lights.
It's been a slow week for me. I am always amazed when I look up from my haze of brain fog and see that we are near the weeks end. Since I finished work in June 2008 I have had much time to sit around and do not a lot. It was great in the beggining, but after a while its just not so much fun anymore.
Of course it was great when I got into sewing and quilting, something that had alluded me for many years, despite having a good friend who sewed and quilted beautifully.
Not long after I stopped working I also had to stop driving and this of course made me feel even more isolated and confined.
If I had not been inspired to quilt I really don't know where I would be. I think that it saved my life.
We all need an interest and I have a few, but mostly I sew and read blogs and write.
What keeps you going? What drives you?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Back by popular demand

A couple of people asked when I would be updating my blog as they were getting bored of seeing no updates. So here I am again, trying to make my ramblings into sensible writing.
To be honest things have been a bit slow aroud these parts for w while. I have debated whether to share with others in blogland about the black dog, or depression. I suffer from it and I say suffer becuause it is a miserable, soul destroying sapper of life force. And not only do I suffer, but so do those who are my nearest and dearest. Living with a person with depression is a real test of love, patience, tenacity and courage. I think the Bloke has this in spades.
He can withstand gale force cycles, doing his utmost to tempt me out of them :) Thanks bloke.

Now this blog is acting as a little public diary to record my ramblings and thoughts, and may or may not make sense to others reading. But I do encourage comments so if you want to say hi please do so.
I have not sewn much except a table runner that I am yet to finish. I will take a picture and post it on the next blog. It just needs to be quilted around the applique and then have the binding attached and it's all good to go.
It is blowing a gale outside right now and the trees are nearly bent over backwards and the rain is sleeting down. I love the rain but not the wind. I have just seen the poor postie delivering mail, hate to have his job today.
For some reason blogger is taking years to uploa pics so I am of to work on that a bit longer. It seems it is the photos from my camera as the little cartoon worked fine.
Stay tuned folks. :0
Thanks for reading.