Saturday, May 7, 2011

My first Mother's Day without my Mum


                My dear mother nursing one of her many great grandchildren

Today is the first time in nearly 47 years that I wont have my dear mum with me. There is always a time of firsts after losing a loved one. It will be 12 months in August and I am amazed how quickly the time has passed. I miss her so very much still. I still go to call her on the phone, before sadly realising that she's not there.
You know I have even thought a few times about calling her number, anyway. But I stop myself, concerned that someone else might answer the call.

She was a good mum. Anything she did was for us kids. A selfless person who put herself last to the detriment of her own self.
I remember the good times mum, they are the ones that make me happy.

Love you mum. Forever. Until we meet again and then some.

I hope mothers everwhere are being cherished today. Hug them tight.

                These are my brother's orchids that mum loved

Till next time