Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finally returned with lots to talk about

Hello friends

This is probably going to be my longest post to date.

So much time has lapsed since I last posted, but there is a good reason. I needed to undergo a colonoscopy in the big smoke a.k.a the city, and we were there for 6 days all up whilst I did the bowel prep and then had the procedure. The lead up to the procedure was the most anxious, life focusing time I have experienced. I am naturally nervous and super anxious concerning all things medical. Talk about white coat fever!

Anyway as is usually the case with me there was nothing to worry about. Sure the risk was very high for me due to my extreme obesity but the medical team were highly trained professionals who also had great caring natures. They treated me with utmost respect and dignity and I felt I was in safe hands. I got the all clear and they only removed one small polyp that didn't look nasty.

The anaethetist usually administers sedation prior to the procedure, but due to other health complications I was unable to have it.  Despite my very high anxiety in hearing this bit of news it was all fine. In fact I was was able to watch the whole procedure on the screen. I was joking and laughing with the nurses, doctors and aneathetist.

I do like the learning about the workings of the human body.
Oh and I forgot to say that part of the prep for me was not eating from the Tuesday lunchtime until after the procedure on Friday afternoon. All I was allowed was clear fluids and the ghastly laxative powders. I am 100% amazed that I could do this, given my eating history. It was difficult to say the least, but I did it and the consultant congratulated me on the great prep I had done.
Top marks eh? I wonder if I can add it to my resume??

               this bird lived in the tree outside my girls home


So after that episode, the bloke and I headed up to Geraldton a mid west coastal city, some 400 kms North of Perth. Our daughter Emily lives there and we had not visited the place the whole time she has been living there which is over 2 years. My brother and the blokes sister also live there so it was great to catch up with them all which we did at a BBQ I organised before we left.
Our girl rents a small former fishing cottage quite near to the water. Just a little place that she has made her own by painting everything in reach blue, her favourite colour (Yes she had permission from the owner). 

My brother loves his orchids

It was cute to stay there, we were sleeping on a borrowed bed in the lounge right near the t.v so we didn't mind one bit. Had a nice time. Whilst we up there we headed on to a place called Kalbarri, about an hour and a halfs drive from Geraldton. Well this place is lovely. First stop was Chinaman's beach where we all had a cup of tea, that is me, the bloke and my brother and SIL.
                                         Chinaman's Beach, Kalbarri

Then we drove around the town grabbed some lunch before heading home again. Dinner that night was again shared with my brother. It was very nice, as my SIL made curry as she knew I loved it. Thanks Dot.

Got home yesterday and I am very happy to be home. It is good to get away but even better to come home again. I have my home set up to suit me and all my needs and it is my safe place. Comfortable again. It will be a long while before I get back in the car, it is just too darn cramped for me with my leg issues. I was in extreme dicomfort the whole time we travelled.

Panadol only does so much.

Any way I am going to put some pics up to show you some of the things we saw.
Hope your still reading this mammoth post.

Till next time


  1. I didn't realise you had a blog!! I came running right over as soon as I found it.

    I'm so glad the whole process was low trauma for you and that you were treated with dignity and respect. As you should be.

    Sounds like you had a nice time away too.

  2. So glad you found my blog. It is a bit erratic I talk about anything and everything.
    So glad you are part of my blogging friends. :)

  3. Hi Jan

    (I just saw your comment on my blog and thought I'd come over to yours! :-))

    I'm so glad to hear that your colonoscopy went well and it wasn't as traumatic as you may have feared. I've also had to have one and I can totally relate with how you must have felt!

    Your blog design is lovely - clever you!

  4. Blogs about anything and everything are the best!