Monday, September 27, 2010

Slow start to the week

What to do on a Sunday Monday evening. I forgot where I was for a moment. Here in W.A we had a holiday for the Queen's birthday. It doesn't take much to put me of my stride. Well the long weekend is all over bar the shout, and we have had our dinner and the bloke and daughter are watching a movie, which is a very old movie-circa 1980's and really once I have seen a movie that's it for me. I am not into reruns, can not do it. Like books. Once the book is read it's read. My girls can read a book and then as soon as they finish I have seen them turn to the start and of they go again. True!

What do you think of the picup there today? It is one taken in the front garden of our home. The Bloke is learning to take better photos and I reckon he did very well with this shot of a common old marigold. In fact this pic makes the flower look better than real life. Almost like velvet. I love this time of the year with new growth pushing its way to through the earth.
What's springing up in your garden?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Time for endings and new beginings

Hello. TGIF. Yes it is the end of another week and also the end of school for the term. I am glad, I get to have the kidlet around to keep me company. Next term is to be her last as she graduates on the 27th October from year 12. I can not believe that we have finally finished putting 5 kids through the educations system. I am feeling happy about not having to get a grumpy kid out of bed in the mornings, argue with her about the merits of attending school etc.
But also it is a little sad for me, another milestone passed and another era gone.
It seemed like just a short time ago that the baby was in preschool and then whiz-there goes the years and she is finishing. She has no idea what so ever what to do with herself now. The bloke and I say get a job, she says I want a break first!
Hm mm me thinks we will be helping her search for one. I mean isn't it time she started to pay her way now? I read somewhere the other day that by the time you grow your kid to 18 years of age you have spent a million dollars. Whee that is a lot of serious bucks, especially as we have 5. Gawd who would have known eh?

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Fabric Coming

Good Monday Morning folks. I am so pleased to write that one of my favourite quilt designers, and previous part owner of Material Obsessions store Sarah Feilke, has her very own new range of fabric. It's called From Little Things  from Lecien and it should be available in quilt stores in January, or maybe even earlier.
For a full look at the range check it out here. But for a sneak peek check this out. The photo is from Sarah's blog. (I hope she doesn't mind me using it here, I will let her know).

Photo by Sarah Fielke
So do yourself a favour and mark this one in your diary when it becomes available. I know I will be after some, can't wait.
On another note I have been going through my fabric stash and getting excited about all the possibilities within it. The trouble is my mind races with so much potential than it renders me impotent. Can't decide on the first thing to do.
I am off now got a meeting in a few minutes, so take care and let me know what you think about this fabric, or indeed another you have  come across.
Heck drop me a line just to say hi I love reading your comments.
Jan xx

*Back again :) I have been blog reading today, yes, yes procrastinating. But I came across this fabulous story that I wanted to point out to those that read my blog, because I reckon you would enjoy it. Let me or even the author know if you liked it. :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcoming the warmer weather

I have been feeling a little under par recently. I wont bore anyone with the details, but suffice to say I am sick of feeling like this and will welcome the warmer and much more cheerful days. Life always looks brighter when the sun is out. Although I am not talking about those 35 degrees+ days.
The winter blues are a recognised syndrome you know. Yep, amazing at it sounds seasonal affective disorder is a common complaint and especially for those people living in climates that don't see much sun.
And on another note I recently had some blood tests done and it showed amongst other things that I was severely deficient in Vitamin D. The normal range is between 60-160 and mine was <20. So I was told to buy some vitamin supplements and try to get at least 10 minutes of sun a day to try to increase the levels.
Apparently many people in Australia now have this problem due to the effectivenss of the slip, slop, slap campaign.
So check out the link and if it sounds like you may have this ask the doctor for a blood test next time your there.
I have no affiliations just passing on some info. :)
I have been busy doing a few little lifestyle changes and I will talk more about that later.
I am planning a sewing week next week and then on Thursday I will be lunching with my best buddies as we celebrate the end of Ä's  chemotherapy. I am so happy she is done with that. Next step is the radiotherapy, let's hope that time goes fast and she is back home again to be with her family and friends.

Okay gotta go...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's Bits & Bobs

Waffles served with vanilla ice-cream and strawberries. My girl had been after a waffle machine for a long while. So we found one and she made us some yummy treats. The kids have remembered that their Oma would make them waffles when they visited her and they always enjoyed them. They are very filling though and it is hard to eat a full one, but it is easy enough to share, which is just what we did. But oh how joyful this food was.

I have had this magazine for some time now and I am yet to make anything from it. But I want to. For the past couple of Christmas seasons I have had it in my mind to make some of the beautiful projects that talented designers come up with. To date I have not done so, not quite sure why that is. There is a fantastic christmas quilt on the front cover that I just want to make. I am in the process of collecting the mecessary fabrics and bits and bobs. Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

Hello out there. I imagine you may have stopped checking on this blog, after the lack of new posts. I did try to post one yesterday but blogger just was not playing nice. Talk about slow.
I am sitting here this afternoon with the television on, the hubby is at work and the girls are in their rooms either sleeping or watching movies. I was laying in bed this morning when the phone rang at 7.30am it was Katie wanting to wish her dad happy father's day, not realising he was at work. But I told her she could wish me happy father's day and she could come cook me the father's day brekky too. She did too and it wa syummy eggs, bacon, baked beans and toast with a lovely coffee. Yummo!
Spent the rest of the morning chatting which I do enjoy and then we watched a movie together which was a real laugh-just what I needed.
Sundays are quiet here as we go about getting ready for the week ahead. Things are different here now since hubby started his new job that means he now works 4 days on followed by 4 days off. Well so far we have been though one cycle and although I love having him around, we need to get used to this new arrangement.
He plans on taking care of some badly overdue home maintenance. Yipee!
I've got to get the pad and pen out.
I have also been quilting my pinwheel quilt and used clear thread again, but I am not going to say it was good, it was very challenging to say the least. I mean it is hard to see the thread to put it in the needle. It is good at covering mistakes though. :)
Anyway I will shut up now and get this posted so you can see something new. I have some new pics in my camera to download too next time.