Saturday, May 14, 2011

Counting my blessings

Well I am sure most of you will know if you have tried to access blogger in the last couple of days that there are issues with it. I am hoping by the end of the writing component that it allows me to post some pictures. if not then it is gonna be a real dry argument.

What has everyone been up to lately? Yes, I really do want to know, come on let's get a dialogue going. :)

It is Saturday today and I have awoken to find my eldest daughter has come over to make me a beautiful coffee and bought over some of the pizza she had last night. I must say it was yummy. And it is nice to know that she thinks enough of me to do this for me.
It is sometimes quite hard for me to be cheerful. Those that no me well will agree with this, but others who don't know me so well might be surprised to know that I am a real misery guts at times. I have a lot of pain, almost constantly and it can wear you down, couple that with sleep apnoea and it makes for a slightly (oh alright a very) cranky Jan.
So when someone like my beautiful girl makes an effort to please me it makes me feel good. So thanks Amy.

On another note another daughter Nicole, has been here on holiday from Perth and she has taken on the role of chief cook. Well we have had some lovely tucker including macaroni cheese, spinach & ricotta cannelloni, home made pizza, where she made me try eggplant and it was not as bad as I thought.

It's these moments that reassure me that I have raised some decent, kind, independent individuals, despite never fully knowing if my efforts to parent them were going to produce these outcomes. I think parenting is an inexact science as we never fully know how they will turn out.
But my lot make me feel proud and blessed.

Well I waited and it seems like blogger is still not letting me post photos, so I will send this post into the ether without them.


  1. Jan, it is lovely that your daughters are so wonderful and just proves that you have done a great job. Though of course it would be good if they arrvied with an instruction manual :D

    Blogger is now posting photos as I have done a post myself and it worked. It has been a pain and I have been writing on word and saving and then posting when I can, hope that is the last of the problems.

  2. Jan, how wonderful your daughters are. As KJ says above they are obviously a wonderful example of your good parenting.
    I have meant to ask you before what causes all of your pain, its must really cause you to feel miserable some days and I am sure that it is totally understandable.

  3. Degenerative arthritis Deb.
    Thanks to you both for commenting and thinking I sound like an okay parent. :)

  4. Weren't those issues frustrating!! Glad to see you have your photo up now - and a very pretty one too :)

    By the way Jan, I answered your question on my blog about the uncut pages - well, tried to anyway!!