Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sense of achievement

Good morning. My fingers are stiff and cold today as it is very cold here, hovering about 4 degrees, which is pretty chilly. I have the heater on full and it is slowly warming up the room.
I am very happy to report that an applique project that I started late last year is now completed. When I say completed I mean all the parts are ironed on too the twenty blocks and now they all need to be blanket stitched to secure them.
I would not have got this far in the past week had my daughter Nicole not helped me. For a while now I have tried to interest my girls in sewing,quilting without much success. Nicole was here on holiday and when I asked her to look at the work and suggested she have a go she took to it like a duck to water. She was a natural and her work so neat it left mine in the shade. She took art at school and loves painting so applique was a natural progression. Once I complete the blanket stitch I will be able to complete the quilt. I still have the borders to make and then I will post pictures. I really love this design from the Piece O Cake girls. It allowed me to use beautiful bright and pretty fabrics, and who doesn't love that?

                      Daughter Nicole

Once the quilt is completed I will post more pictures. As usual the photos are less than perfect, much to my frustration.
I intend to get straight onto my next project too which is another design from the same designers called Aunt Millies Garden, which only has 12 large blocks, so it will be easy after this one. :)

Be back soon, take care.


  1. a not so good pic of me, but the pieces look good :)

  2. Hey your looking good. Still working on the photography aspect. :)

  3. Your daughter looks lovely! How great to see mother and daughter crafting together.

  4. OOO I love applique... you have done a gorgeous job of that.