Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finishes, farewells and Family

The above photo shows the eight placemats that my eldest daughter ordered. She is a lucky girl, to have a mum like me. Well actually I am much luckier to have a kid like her for that matter.
We have been moved things around in the house recently. My sewing area in now situated in the lounge room. Yep, I get to share my crafty space with the television,and when my friends come to visit they can sit in comfort.

Talking about friends, yesterday saw me chatting with three of my closest friends. When we get together it is non-stop talking. I am usually left worn out, but very, very happy. They are a bunch of funny, intelligent, respectful women. I have know them for quite a few years and over time we have shared many of life's ups and downs. The sad news is that very soon, way to soon of these women is moving away. Her husband has accepted a new job in a coastal town, some 12 hours from here. She will be missed. A lot. Sue, is one of those people who has a good word to say about everyone. She has a real go get 'em approach to life. She and her husband Jeff, have three of the most delightful daughters who we have had the pleasure of seeing grow from tiny babies to little school girls.
When she leaves there will be a real gap in my life. I do intend to visit her at some stage down the track though.
She is not a big emailer so will need to work out another way of regular communicating.

I am off to the city tomorrow for my follow up appointment with the BIPAP machine. It is also the time when the hiring of said machine stops and I am required to purchase my own. A mere $5000 will do it. I shouldn't moan as I know without it I would be in serious trouble, but recently it seems that money has been flying out the window.

Just remembered that I had not shown the quilt I made for my niece Kellie. I Had made a lovely lap quilt for her mother and when Kellie saw it she took a liking to it, so needless to say that was my cue to get busy. She loved it, and she even had a little cry, that made me cry then.
I better stop this post now, as I have plenty to do in preparation for the trip-you know clean clothes, cameras, food, buy dog food supplies.
Till next time,

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Coffee, weddings, babies, sewing and...

Here I am again. I will be putting a few pictures up today and that is because I finally mastered the skill of importing them from my iPhone and iPad to the computer. Thanks to the help of my youngest daughter who wrote step-by-step instructions for me and it worked.

First of all this picture shows what I do on a typical Sunday morning. Of course there is the totally necessary cup of coffee. And none of that instant stuff for me, I just can't drink it now. I love a good tasting coffee, made by a coffee machine. Yes I am one of those so called coffee snobs. Much to my delight my eldest daughter who is pregnant (gee love the sound of that) sold me her beaut machine so we can now make it whenever we like. Unfortunately I do not have a Barista's degree and so must wait for those clever family members who do now how to use it. Also whilst drinking the coffee I am happy to be reading the Sunday Times newspaper. Ah...bliss.

Lovely decorative idea I might pinch

This is just one of the ideas we are looking at for the wedding cake for Amy & Brads wedding. The theme for the wedding is purple and white.  And before you say oh no to the purple, it will incorporate all shades of that hue.
The crazy thing is that Amy and I are making this cake ourselves. Yep, Amy is a great baker and decorator and I am going to be her assistant.
Of course we will be trialling it first, well just a small one to see if we are any good, or if we will need to call on the services of someone much more cake clever. The wedding is being carried out on a small budget and we really can not justify spending $800 on a cake for one day. This wedding is going to be simple, elegant and fun. I am so excited.

We are also attempting to make the bouquets ourselves. I would love fresh flowers everywhere but the cost prohibits this. We live remotely and so everything we need is trucked in and of course costs much more than other places. I am thinking that the brides bouquet may consist of real flowers though. What do you think?

This is some of the sewing I have done recently. I made two small aprons for my great niece and her step sister. I wanted to see if I could do this little project and I could so now I will make some much bigger ones.

This is the first of eight place mats that I am making for Amy. I just wish I hadn't made the quilt lines so close, makes more work for me. :)
Don't get me wrong, I love quilting but with my lack of energy still, I am unable to finish these as quick as I would like. I also need to make some more for my own table.

And finally, these are just some of the fabrics I will be using to make the new baby stuff. That is a pram quilt, cot quilt, bassinet quilt, floor play quilt, ah...oh and a couple of toys. Yes I will have so many more reasons to sew now. My hope is that I can get it done before the child turns sixteen.
I am slow, but once I'm into it, I am in a frenzy.

Now I did have other pictures to show but blogger has lost them some how so maybe that's my cue to stop the show and tell and post this blog before it becomes any longer.

I hope you find something of interest here. I know when I peruse the blogs I do I love seeing snippets of the lifestyle my blogger buddy lives.

Anyway where ever you are take care and be happy if possible,

Till next time,

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lots of News

Hello. A bigger gap between posts than I intended. I have been pleasantly busy and the rest of the time very tired. Even now I am struggling to keep my eyes open. This is not what I expected when I got my BIPAP machine. I thought I would be sleeping better quality sleep for longer but to date this is no happening. One night I even slept through the night. Well that is what I thought. One morning I woke up to find my mask placed neatly on top of the machine. Do not remember doing that at all. :)

Actually there are many things happening that I do not recall. It is worrying me too. I get my words all mixed up and come out with some odd words. I forget so much, and it has an impact on all our lives.
Not sure if this means some brain cells have been killed off permanently or not. 

So although I have cranked up my sewing machine again there has not been too much being done. I am trying to compete the 8 placemats for my DD. 

On other things my doctor has been doing plenty of blood tests, ECG's, oxygen level checks and so on and is pleased to report that they all look good. I also had some special test to see how how my heart is doing after it's recent ordeal. That test showed that things are pretty good there too. Not bad for a fatty I told her. Yes she agreed. :)

So apart from mysterious red, blistery skin on the right leg I have been given the health tick of approval. Although the doc will continue to monitor me for the time being. 

Now onto some very exciting news. Our eldest daughter A (pictured above) is being married this October to her fiance B. We have been planning and costing and doing all the things one needs to do at such a time. 

However, the excitement ramped up recently when they announced that they were expecting a baby! That's right. I am going to become a Nana, and the bloke will be a Poppy. :) To say I am excited is an understatement.
I do so love babies. Guess that's why I had five of my own.

Now the baby is due in August, and the wedding was planned for October. At first they talked of postponing the wedding until the following year, however they agreed that they would go ahead with the October date and the baby will be a lovely addition to their wedding day. Oh I am just about jumping out of my skin in pure delight here.

How could live get any better than this? 
The other four girls are the bridesmaids to their sister and the youngest has already decided that has decided that she will carry the little bub down the ailse.

I am at a loss as to what I can wear to the wedding. As most know it is not easy finding clothes to fit me and add to that the desire to wear something suitable for the mother of the bride and I reckon I am going to be quite sad. This is just another example of  the issues faced by the large in society. I do like the look of the dress underneath. It is the right colour and all.
If there are any talented dressmakers out there please email me.

Anyway, think this is enough excitement for one post. I will try to post some more soon.

Until then take care,


Monday, February 13, 2012


It's been a while since I last posted hasn't it? Well life has been moving along as it does and days fade into the night and then another new day presents itself. What we make of it is our choice. In my case I am a little disappointed in myself as I have not made much of my days like we planned whilst I was still in hospital. Of course I always knew that the transition once I was home again; getting back into my comfortable groove would prove challenging, though I did think for once that my resolve to better myself both physically and mentally would come easier due to the scare I had. 

I am reporting here that is hasn't. Okay, I have put it out there now. Of course initially I was frozen by terror at what I had been through and what could happen should I fail to turn my life around. But as the memories of my days of being hospital become more distant my resolve is waning. Try harder I tell myself. I get disapproving looks from family members who are unhappy and worried that I am yet to change over forty years of living habits in just a few short weeks.

How would you feel when it seems everyone is telling you off, making suggestions that just don't sound possible. What about having others control what you will and wont eat. Making decisions based on their mood on the day. Withholding affections until I do the 'right thing'. Sounds ugly doesn't it? Well it is, but then so is being at deaths door and having a beautiful family watch.

So what to do now I ask?

                                                 I was sent this message, wise words

It is after all down to me. I am the lead in this production. Everyone else from family to friends are the extras, although vital to the end product. 

You know that I love blogging with pictures and because I have not had the nous to take and upload  my own lately I am using these ones from my folder. They are from various sites on the net. If  anyone can tell me the original poster I will credit them.
I hope to have some of my own for my next post which will be within the next day or so.
Stay tuned as I have some exciting (well to me anyway) news to tell. Nup, no hints. You will have to come back and read about it..

Hope you all are well and happy and doing something you love.