Friday, May 6, 2011

My first Free Motion Quilt

Two posts in as many days eh, things are really looking up. Well I am putting up the pictures of the quilt I finished so I could take it to my daughter who lives in Geraldton. I am pleased to report that she loved it as it was her favourite colour palette and looked fresh and on trend. I will admit that no matter how or where this quilt was photographed the pictures do not do it justice. So we are still getting used to this camera, but I am really tempted to dust of our previous little camera that took a pretty good little snap.

See what I mean about the photos? No matter what the bloke does there is not one I am happy with. If anyone wants to share their photography tips it would be most appreciated. I used Amy Butlers 'Soul Blossoms' range. I would have to say that this range is my most favourite to date. It was inspired by a trip Amy had to Bali.
My very first attempt at FMQ and all in all not a bad effort, even if I do say so. I had practiced on samples many times and made the decision to tackle this quilt. It measured
approx 170"x201".


  1. Lovely quilt!

    For photography, it's really hard photographing something so big. Folding/draping it helps (gives depth and texture to the shot), perhaps over the end of a bed or over a pretty chair, and choose a place with lots of clear, natural light but not necessarily direct light. Turn your flash off too! Everybody would benefit from turning their flash off all the time!

  2. What a lovely quilt, so much work.

    As for the photos, I would imagine that no photo would do it justice however I am sure you will get used to the camera. I also second turning off the flash, I do that regularly as the light often just bounces back at you.

  3. Thanks Sleepydumpling, will try your ideas next time. My hubby mostly takes the pics, but I need to learn too.

  4. KJ thanks for your imput, will turn the flash off and give it a go, will hopefully see better results.

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog. You left the most wonderful comment. It touched my heart very much. Happy Mother's Day!

  6. I love your beautiful quilt and agree with you about Soul Blossom. What a lucky daughter! I agree that quilts are definitely not the easiest things to photograph. Sometimes, taking it outside in the late afternoon sun casts a beautiful kind of light upon it. I think we all struggle with this problem.