Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Little Bit of Show & Tell

Well here I am with a little update on one of my current projects or maybe this is the first youvĂ© heard of it.
Anyway I have been working on some blocks for a quilt by the team at Piece O Cake. The pattern is called My Whimsical Quilt Garden. It is a great, cheery little thing, well not quite little as it has 20 blocks measuring about 11"x 11" I think. I am using fabrics similar to those Becky used (one half of the design team) so out come the yellows, greens, reds, blues. I really love the aqua blue pindot, one of my super favourite fabrics.

We purchased a whiz bang camera late last year in order to take some beautiful pictures of my quilting and sewing oh and other things of course :) The Bloke is the man with the midas touch and he is enjoying lurking around the garden taking some pics. But no matter what we do we are yet to take a decent picture of any of my projects.
I am dissapointed but have not given up, we will keep on going untit we crack it. Any tips kindly recieved.

I am home alone tonight as The Bloke, and my 17 year old daughter and one of her big sisters are attending the year 12 graduation. Oh my wish I ws able to go. The camera went so maybe I can post some pics later?

See ya later folks.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thanks for the technology

Hello. I have come to the blog today with no set idea of what to write, but I did want to try out the new signature I just created.That is the thrilling thing about blogs, or the internet in general. No matter what there is someone out there with the knowledge. Before the internet, forums, blogging how did we learn new things? For me personally I have much to be grateful for. I did 99% of my unversity studies via distance education and online resources were the thing that got me through.
And for the past 2 and half years finding myself more or less housebound it has been my lifeline to the outiside world.
I have made many online friends, people who share my values, sense of humour (in most cases), ideas and vision for personal growth. I have signed up for regular emails from the most inspiring people on the planet. Lovely blissful words that make a weary heart like mine sing. They give me hope that there is much more to life than the physical sense.
And it always seems to come just when I am ready to hear it. Do you ever get that? Yes I bet you do.

On a slightly different note, recently I came across a term that I had never heard before. Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon. Have you ever come across an obscure piece of information be it a word, term or subject and then shortly afterwards encounter the same thing repeatedly?
Well if you have your experiencing the Baader-Meinhof Phenonomen. Who knew!
Well now you all know about that I will finish, need to have my lunch getting light headed. See ya next time.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Finding Me

Finding Me

For some time now I have been on a mission.
 A long term one, not a set of and carry out mission all accomplished within a time frame mission.

But a steadily evolving mission to find out just what makes me tick.

Why I am who I am.
Why I do what I do.
Let me tell you right up that I am no where near finished, and in fact there is a great chance I never will be.
Life is like that isn't it?
Anyway, during my time of seeking I have turned to numerous books, spiritual magazines, and any other media in my quest to gain a knowledge of what I am all about.
I have a bookcase that has two shelves full of self books, books of wisdom etc.
However recently I was directed to a book by an acquaintance who found it to be very helpful.
And as a helpful sort of person-see I know that much.
I would like to pass this on.

This book is available from the
Book Depository here.

See this is just what I have wanting to do live my life as authentically as possible.
I am tired of all the farcial posturing that we take on in our lives. I am tired of keeping up appearances.
Of having to have the right house, the right car, attend the right groups and on it goes.
Life is to short to live a life restricted by the confines of someone Else's rules and agendas.
Gawd I have certainly used a wheelbarrow word of two today. So with that I am of to get into some sewing.
My soul needs it, really it does.
I'll be back and let you know how I get on.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back on air again

Hello there folks. Yes it's been a while between blogs, sorry. My life has been undergoing changes and sometimes these changes take all my energy and so my usual pursuits are sidelined. I have been recieiving some lovely fabric parcels during the past few weeks and they have been a bright spot on some dark times. The funny thing is I delayed in opening them. Did you, like I did as a kid save all the yummiest lollies till last? Delaying the ultimate pleasure-that's me!
So it was a day or so later in some cases before I ripped of the packaging to reveal the goodies inside. I took advantage of the fantastic US dollar and in fact yesterday it was $1 Aus was buying 96.? US dollars-how fortunate for us. The Bloke was all for it, he told me to go for it. Can you imagine how rapt I was.

This pile of goodness includes some Kaffe Fassett colour. I intended to use it for applique but after seeing it in all its glorious colour I don't have the heart to chop it into small bits. Oh the quilters dilemma. lol