Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What do you do?

What do you do when you have an overactive brain? At the moment, well actually it's been this way for some time now, I have so many thoughts racing around up there that they're in danger of colliding. Well maybe they have and that's when I get the headaches.
So many things like sewing projects. Every time I see a new magazine or book of I go planning what fabric I have to create it, what fabrics I need to purchase. In the end I do nothing. Paralysed by the sheer exhaustion that follows the racing thoughts. This all leads to frustration +++.
I am the original procrastinator. But look out if I do get the momentum up to act, cos then it is stuff going everywhere and doing twenty things at once. The home resembles a supermarket, post red light specials.
Luckily for me I have a tolerant hubby. The bloke is fairly easy going and the only time he would be concerned is if the path that lead to his favourite beverage was bloke, cos then there might be some dissent.

Anyway I have no sewing to show but nevertheless some pics are here just to make it all pretty.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Monday

Happy to announce that the quilt that I have been creating for my eldest daughter is complete. This project was started a few months ago but due to various things the progress ahs been slow.
I think it is a stunner.
It has a few booboos (is that even a word?)in it, which seems to be my style, but its still gorgeous and she loves it.
Bright, cheery fabrics simply cobbled together, with a dotty finish to it.
Such bliss.

Another few pics of the little piece I completed some time ago now, just hadn't put the photos up. This is something I made by using my little bits of scraps. I hate wastage of any sort. But when it comes to fabric then I am more inclined to think up some little project for them babies :) for this one all I did was prepare some batting and backing fabric and then took little scraps of fabric and place them in a way that I found pleasing. It is such a fun thing to do actually, a little like a puzzle. I alo cut some scraps smaller to fit in better, and in this project found that smaller is actually better. Then once I had it all laid out I glued the pieces on then set the machine up to do free motion quilting and I was away. This was a great project to use scraps, make a usefull item and to also practise my free motion quilting. I used monofilament thread for the very first time and I was rather happy with it too. I had so much fun that I am about to do it all again soon, real soon.
The binding is another leftover and it a fabric I love, love, love. it has birds on it and I am rather partial to bird fabrics.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Getting Wiser as I age

I am 46 years old today.
Ageing is a funny business when I think about it, I feel much wiser today than last much so. I am learning that I am an okay person. I am not less than others, nor am I more than others. I am becoming more 'at home' with being who I am. Despite living with a substantial life limiting condition. I am in the race because I choose to stay. I ask myself why am I getting smarter? Why indeed...

So is it the myriad of self help books, the latest always better than before. Is it the 26 'life affirming' positive blogs I visit and subscribe to? Is it my especially wonderful bunch of friends who get me and like me unconditionally; who have seen me in my many guises and still have wanted to be my friend? Is it the stead fast family challenging me beyond belief, kicking me to get up when I feel I can't?
I think it's all of the above, and then something extra. Something I don't even have to know about but-acknowledge.

I honor me. I honor all of those who are part of my life, no matter how big or small. I honor those I am potentially going to meet.
I look forward as if it's the only thing to do, when for so long I dragged along with my head constantly turned back looking into the past. Each of my steps is toward a future so ripe with potential. I don't know what, but I am happy to keep on walking.

But one question I ask as I finish here today.
Why do we get the wisdom as we age? Why not be born with it, and when it might be more useful? I know there were many times I could of done with being that bit wiser.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My babies got blue eyes

You might be wondering about this odd post, maybe you wont. Anyway, I just wanted to tell ya all that the baby of the family now has her drivers licence. She is over the moon with delight and in fact is driving herself to her exam this afternoon! Can you believe that folks. A kid, my kid driving herself to school. How cool is that. Not only that folks but she's driving the statesman! Not the statesman! Yep. She convinced her father that she was fine to drive. I am yet to be convinced. Mmmm breath, breath. So the pics are my baby at the top folowed by the random pics I took while waiting in the car for her. Okay that's is I've got the shakes and can feel a panic attack coming on. Bye