Thursday, May 3, 2012

Life on a Thursday

Thursday and another week is almost done. I am finding that the weeks are flying by. With looming deadlines for weddings, births and probably other fun things I have forgotten about for the moment I am feeling anxious. Yep, it is my go to emotion, despite the fact that is really rubbish at helping in any situation, except maybe if a saber tooth tiger was chasing me. I'll be ready then. 
I'm pretty happy today as it is the day before the bloke starts his 4 day break, and that is something I love. He can be good company when we aren't driving each other crazy. 

Have managed to start and complete another small quilt for my yet to arrive grandson. It is a design I came across and loved from the clever woman
It's called the Bye, Bye Bunting quilt.

My daughter has asked me to make her a set of owls to decorate the baby's room. Guess there is no end to the  projects one can make for a baby. But I think handmade stuff is supreme. I am only jealous that I didn't get all these glorious baby products when I had my children.
In the past week there has been some decluttering going on. To date we have only made a small inroads into the job, but it is a work in progress shall we say? One great thing is that as we come across things belonging to our kids who are now living out of home we can pass these on to them. Oh it's great and despite their cries of I don't want it, we deliver said stuff for them to do as they wish. This week alone we have managed to rid ourselves of a whole cupboard of the soft toy collection belonging to the eldest daughter, who is expecting the baby soon. Win-win in my eyes we get rid of it the and the baby gets some 'heirloom' or is that 'vintage' toys. ha ha

                            Just some of the colourful critters returned to their owners

The above little darling is something I drew up with thoughts that the baby could grab hold of something small and chew on if he wanted. It didn't turn out the way I hoped, but the bloke wouldn't let me throw him out, and instead sat there and patiently stuffed the fill into it and asked me to then close the opening. Well our daughter thought it was cute enough to add to the collection, and so we all pleased.
If your still here, thanks for visiting my rambles and I would love to hear from you some time, when you get time.

Take care,


  1. Lovely quilt Jan, you are so clever!

  2. That's a beautiful quilt and I also love your critter. Gorgeous!