Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to get motivated

Motivation. Do you have any? I need some, and sooner the better. It's been especially short of supply since I have up paid employment. With all the time in the world to get things done, or not as is the case for me, there were no time limits, no deadlines to meet. Having a jovial, easy going husband didn't help me keep my previous standards up. Laid back Larry, as I call him, didn't seem to mind when the bills were paid as long as they got paid. Likewise for the meals, as long as there was food in the house, something could be made. So that brings us to an important reason why I need motivation. My health. Yep, the same old thing I've been banging on here about. And everywhere else, much to the frustration of some people I'm sure. I seem unmotivated to work toward changing habits that keep me in this vortex of hopelessness. 

I had a visit from my doctor yesterday and among various checks like oxygen saturation, blood pressure and pulse she asked me if I had managed to make an appointment with a psychologist to work on getting motivated. I had to tell her no I hadn't. I have felt unable to make the call that will supposedly lead me to becoming motivated. Now, before some people think that I am being hopeless and non compliant, I want to explain that seeing therapists is not something new to me. I have been in and out of therapy for well over 10 years; not continual I hasten to add, but sporadic episodes of enthusiastic beginnings which inevitably end with me feeling not much further along in the road. Yes I then feel like I have failed. Both them and myself. I feel a sense of shame that I didn't get it, whatever 'it' is. Well not enough to make the changes necessary to fix my weight problem. I guess this is why I am hesitant to go this route again. I fear failure. 
Today I have made a call and left a message for the preferred psychologist because my doctor told me she wasn't coming back to see me until I had; a great incentive I think.

 She needs to be tough with me.

Another of my tasks is to sit outside on the patio for a while, to overcome the anxiety I have about going 'out their'. And she wants the photographic evidence of said task. Geez she is a funny lady.

So that is tomorrows challenge. I am thinking there will be some who read this post thinking what is she going on about-not going outside. But that explanation can wait for another day and another post. It's all part of the terrible fear off falling.
So with that all said I think I am done with today's ramble. And I also just thought that ig anyone has any questions relating to any content on my blog please email me. Depending on the request I may or may not answer you.
P.S I have just has a txt message from an old friend to arrange a catch up tomorrow. A perfect opportunity to attempt the patio sitting event. I'll let you know how I go, and if the pic looks okay I might even let you see. :)

So until next time,


  1. Jan,
    I am sorry to hear about your stuggles with health issues and fear of failure. If you want to share with me some details, i would like to see how i can provide motivation.

  2. Jan,
    From your post, it sounds like you are ready to take action but want to know where and how to start. How does one climb a mountain? - One step at a time!!

    First, let me say that working towards being healthy is a positive thing. Today, look in the mirror and make eye contact with your self and say, " Jan, I love you and i will take actioin to be healthy because i am worth it!"

    After this, today, take a walk for just 15 minutes. If you do, this will be your daily success.

    Please let me know if you will do this much. I want to see you succeed one day at a time.

  3. Thanks needmotivation. I tried to email you but was unable to locate an email address for you. Do I know you?

  4. Jan,
    I sent you an e-mail a couple of days ago but have not heard back from you. Were you just venting or are you ready to take action to change your situation?

    Looking forward to hearing from you again.
    All the best!

  5. Hi Needmotivation
    I didn't get an email but would like to know more about you please?

  6. Hello Jan,
    I wonder why you didnt receive the e-mail. Is the e-mail address on your blog most recent?

    I always motivate myself and my friends. friends advises me to take in to coaching profession. Since i already have a full time job, i have decided to start my blog to motivate people to be healthy.

    In month or so i will have my Personal Trainer certification and my blog to start with.

    I have shared information with you but you have not shared your information so i was wondering if you were just venting (this post) or you actually would like to take action to be healthy?

    Please let me know, I can only be helpful if you are interested in taking action.

    Best wishes.

  7. Jan,
    since i have not heard from you, i take it that you are not ready to take action yet. So you probably need motivation to take action.

    Ask yourself this:
    1) what will be my braking point? meaning, how long will i wait before taking an action?, experience, stroke from high blood pressure?, or may be when you are unable to do your daily choirs because you are unable to breath? or when you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?
    2) Has going to pshycologist helped you in the past? No? There is probably a reason for that.
    Answer to all the questions starts with YOU!! No one can help unless you help yourself.

    I want to be here for you because i know you can do it if you decide to be healthy. You will ask how do i know?

    I read through your blog, i noticed the talent you have for writing, sewing and quilting. That is a very lovely quilt you havae made. Did you notice how you said you finally accomplished something? Thats because you were able to see fruit of your labor in form of a quilt.

    Being healthy is definitely does not give anyone an instant gratification. But you know that making that quilt was not either, right? But you did it!! You stayed with it and made it happen!!

    Do not accept failure without having to try everything in your power to be healthy. You have that power within you so please talk to me.