Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday chit chat

Hello, how are you on this Friday? I am tired, as usual. Despite persevering with my bipap mask I am still waking up as tired as before I went to bed. I have a follow up appointment in a months time and I am hoping the consultant will be able to help. It makes daily life difficult as I find myself constantly dozing off and then waking. 

I have not been blogging as much as I want to, as it seems like the well is dried up. I think for me, when I am in my dark moods the words dry up. I often wait until a window of light appears before I can hit the keyboard. However when I do post it is a real smorgasbord. It works for me. It might be off putting if anyone else is reading this, but there you go.

These are two of my latest softies. My eldest daughter requested them for her expected baby. I was happy to oblige. This baby is going to have a lot of handmade goodies. My daughter is 6 months pregnant now and we are all delighted in watching her pregnancy progress. Her sisters are very excited. They talk of what each of them will be doing. Who will take on the book reading so that he becomes a clever little munchkin. The places they will take him, the things he will do. Me? Well I'm just counting the days until once again I get to cradle a most precious gift in my arms. I look forward with interest to see how my child mothers her own child. I will try not to be a 'do it like this' type of granny, but rather stand by and let her take her own lead and parent in the way she feels is best. Of course if she asks I will be happy to advice and guide. I wonder if becoming a grandparent is a chance to rectify some of our parenting 'stuff ups'? 
Just a short post today, mainly to prove I am still around, just quieter than usual.

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