Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day 2012

                                        (The circle around the face was not done by me, and I can't remove it)

Hello on this cool but sunny Sunday. Here in the southern hemisphere it is proclaimed that this day is called mothers day. My family don't go all out for the day and in fact it is usually low key. I have even told my kids that I do not want any presents or fuss, but rather they come together with me for some sharing of a cuppa and a some food. So the girls have cooked some lovely stuff and we meet at about 10am this morning. I have also invited two of my sisters to share in the morning. One person who will be very missed from the get together is my mum. She's been gone from us for two years this August. I came a across some photos of her last night and I felt the loss deeply. Oh mama where are you? Just want to hear your voice again, just one more time. Do you know that our girl Amy is going to be a mother this August? Oh how excited you would be. You were with her all through her life from birth to your last days when she slept by your bed, keeping a vigil as you slipped quietly away from us. I hope you can look upon us all and see all the good things we do as a result of you. 

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