Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

So here we are on the eve of Christmas 2011. A special day for our family as it is my third daughters birthday today. Emily, yes the girl of the car crash fame is 23 today. We are having a small soiree for her this evening with a few friends and some family. It is a tradition in our family, to see Christmas in this way. I love it because it is a way of seeing those who you might not be spending Christmas day with. Of course at this time of year it is one for looking back over the past 12 months, reflecting on the good times  and the bad, and there have been plenty of both around here. I am bracing myself for 2012 as there will be lots of exciting things happening of which I will talk about in the new year.
I am also grateful for my family in blog land who have enriched my life tremendously with the camaraderie and generous support. In my position it is often difficult to maintain real life friendships, however I do have a few special people in my life, and those people I cherish. However I have 'met' so many cyber sisters over the past few years that help add the jewels to my life.
I want to thank those who read the blog and comment and also those who read the blog but don't comment. I hope you get something from my ramblings.
I am going to sign of now  because the girls are arriving soon for brekky and I want to publish this before they arrive and my peace is disturbed.

Until later


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  1. Merry Christmas, Jan. I know I'm overdue to send you a good letter, but life has been pretty busy lately (just got home after 4 days in the hospital and my surgery). I hope during my recovery that I'll get that letter to you, or perhaps do you one better.

    Have a beautiful holiday, and thank you for sharing your life here.