Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday's Notes

Well its Friday again. How fast are these weeks going? I think its a case of I move slower than time passes. I am no where near ready for the forthcoming festivities, but then when have I ever been ready? I really don't have to cook anything but I am the supervisor in this place. I see to the overall buying, cooking, cleaning and arranging for the big family lunch. It's at our place this year. Our second eldest had wanted to do the whole thing at her place but in reality it is just too hard for me to access her house and then get a comfortable seat.
I know it is disappointing to others when their plans have to be altered to suit me, but there is little else I can do except stay at home.

He menu for the lunch is as follows: Baked, glazed ham, turkey, roast potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, gravy.
Dessert is trifle, fresh fruit and if our eldest can she is making one of her very popular cheesecakes.
All in all there will be plenty of food, laughter and a lot of noise.
We will have all five girls here this year, the first time in four years. I must try and remember to take photos.

On Tuesday I went into hospital to have my second iron infusion. I had to wait quite a while while they found the doctor to insert the cannula. He told me that my veins were hard to detect due to my size and also because I was quite dehydrated. I never realised I was. Anyway after two sticks he managed to get it in right and I was set up with the iron. Lucky for me it didn't take as long as the first time. It does get boring sitting there. Lucky the bloke is adept at packing some nibbles for me and a lovely sanga for lunch. But by 2.30pm I was finished. I thought I would show off my battle wounds. This is the first stick that didn't work. Pretty colour bruise eh? Does not hurt at all though.

The bloke does not like being exposed to the world so this is the only picture I am allowed to put up of him here. But I do it so that you know he is real and not a figment of my imagination. I know he almost seems to good to be true. For all the things he does for his family and especially me I thank him. As my mother would say he is a 'Diamond in the rough'. Yes mum he is. :)

Talk to ya soon,


  1. It's great hearing from you again Like you, I can't figure out how December is going so fast. Only another week! Having family around you will be such a special treat for you Jan - I am so thrilled for you. The feast will be as good as it sounds - am I invited, too? And at last ....... we see the "bloke" - good, and real and blokey! As I said before he deserves a hug from us all!

  2. Have an awesome Christmas, and nice bruise you have there......

  3. Whoa, that's a serious bruise you have there! I get them too, I apparently have very narrow veins. And it's rubbish that it has anything to do with size - it's hereditary! My skinny brother is exactly the same.

    Jan I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas (wish I could join you for that lunch!) and the New Year brings you lots of joy.