Thursday, December 22, 2011

Busy Times for All

It's been busy here in the past days. I don't know where to start so this post could start and end anywhere. On Wednesday of last week I had a phone call from our middle daughter Em who told me that at a quarter to five, and knock of time, she was told her role had been made redundant and she no longer had a job effective immediately. To say she was shocked is an understatement. Still she had felt for some time that she wanted to move on, just not that quick and without a more stable financial situation. I told her that she could pack up and come home, there were plenty of jobs here. So with that she started packing. As she has a small car she packed essentials and left the rest with her auntie to be picked up at another time. She also has a cat. Now we are not a cat family. I love them but I also love the birds who visit me on the tree outside where I sit all day. But in the circumstances, we couldn't make her give him away. So he was duly sedated (under vets orders) and packed into a crate for the long trip (approx. 1000kms) to home. She text messages me from every town, I ask that all my girls do that when they are driving. Anyway at about 3pm she called me to tell me something that I have always dreaded to hear. Mum IvĂ© had an accident and I hit a tree. My blood ran cold, and my heart skipped a beat. Before it hit me that if she was talking to me then she can't be to badly hurt if she is able to talk. Indeed, she had swerved to miss an emu and ended up on the graveled edge of the road, lost control of the car, skidded sideways across the road and ended up hitting a small tree. She was unhurt. I was so happy. The damage was great and the car undrivable so I called her father who borrowed a car trailer and some supplies and headed up top get her. She was by this stage about 300km's from home. She remained with the car all that time as she was worried that it might be stripped before it was rescued. Oh by the way the cat survived to in fact he was hiding under the front seat and it took a while to convince him to come out. They were home again by 1am, and the bloke had a few hours sleep before getting up again at 4.30am to go to work.
See told you it's been hectic around here. The below picture shows her Nissan Tida, worse for the wear. And the panel beater is nearly certain it will be written off.

As I most Christmas times I decide to make all kids of things both food wise and sewing wise. And as usual, I fail to complete said ideas.
The only things that made it throught this year are 1 cushion I made for a sister, 1 over sized lap quilt for another sister. My first ever batch of rum balls. These ones were called Dark and Stormy rum balls, as they had 1/2 packet ginger nut bisuits as well as the milk coffee, and a few lids of rum. The bloke made our traditional fruit cake last night and the smell was very nice permeating the still night air. We wont eat it yet as my eldest DD and I want to ice in so we get practice for her wedding cake.
Well yeah that's about it then, not much.
I am running out of energy now so want to leave it here and post this so you know I am still here.
Oh one last picture of me sewing the lap quilt I made with Bali Pops, my first time with using them, and they are gorgeous.

Till later,



  1. wow that is all a bit dramatic! glad your daughter is ok though (and the cat!!!)

    here's to a less eventful Xmas period and a peaceful new year!

  2. My goodness, your poor daughter! I'm glad she and her cat are ok. Have a wonderful Christmas Jan, surrounded by family and love and lots and lots of laughter! x

  3. Jan - what a post! So glad you daughter and her pet cat were unhurt. Talk about excitement but not what any of you had wanted! What a blessing though that she was able to maintain contact with you during her drive back home and that Bloke was able to get to her enabling her to get home safely. Do trust that "coming home for Christmas" will be a great time for her to prioritise her future work plans and that you and your entire family will have a safe, happy, and healthy Christmas (Dark and Stormy rum balls and all!).

  4. Bugger about the car, glad the cat and your daughter are ok, have an awesome Christmas and new year :)

  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments. Happy Christmas and a great new year to all.

  6. Yikes, I'm glad your daughter is ok! And her kitty too of course.

    I had never thought of making a dark and stormy version of rum balls - but it makes total sense!