Thursday, August 25, 2011

Early Morning

(Photo:Blink of life)

Howdy folks. It is 4.07am, and yes I am obviously awake to write this. :) It was not my choice. I have been having a week of shocking pain and sleep issues. I hope the end is in sight as I am sure I will go crazy if not. I will probably need to get to the big smoke for yet more tests so that eventually I get my CPAP machine which I hope will solve my sleep issues, and the other health issues that brings.
It is so bad lately that I have been only able to do little bits of sewing, reading anything really.
I finally completed sewing the binding down last night. *sigh* it has only taken me two weeks. But it is done and after taking some time to admire the hard work it is destined for this sweet girl.

She wants it known that she helped with the making of this quilt, in that she traced the shapes, chose the fabrics, cut out and ironed the applique onto some of the blocks so that I could do the rest. It was a great help.
So plans for today? My doctor is visiting me this morning. Last time she came she had her beautiful baby with her, such a cherub.
Then I may head out in the car for a drive, although with the way I am feeling right now, that may change.
The bloke also asked me to do some sewing with his work clothes. He wants me to sew the shirt fronts up so he doesn't have to undo the buttons all the time. And then there is a button to sew on. I told him I don't do everyday sewing, but because he is the best bloke around I will, I mean I owe him big time. He is the major encourager with my sewing and quilting. He told me to buy sewing machine of my dreams. You gotta love that.

So it's been a long time since I heard from people, so tell me what your plans are for today.

Until next time,


  1. Hi Jan

    Well goodness me, you most certainly had a super-dooper early start today. I hope that your Dr's appointment went well and you are able to get some much needed relief.

    What a beautiful girl you have there - she has the sweetest smile and the warmest eyes - sort of like yours! Will you show us the finished quilt?

    My day was filled with decluttering and general every day busy-ness. I'm so looking forward to a shower and sitting down with my hubby when the kids finally settle down to sleep!

    Take care, Katex

  2. I hope you get some decent sleep soon, I know how awful it can be to have disrupted sleep. A friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with OSA and now uses a CPAP machine (she calls it Darth) and says she is already seeing the difference.