Saturday, September 3, 2011

What do you do on a Saturday night?

Well what do you do? If your a tired old girl like me you might be sitting at home. The bloke is watching his favourite footy team playing on one T.V and the princess daughter is watching DVDs of "The Office".  
Well not for me tonight, I am not interested in any of it. So here I am bashing away on the keys writing a new post, checking my facebook page-which really hasn't changed since the last time I looked, reading other blogs and eating my evening meal whilst sat at the computer-ohm ah, don't tell will you?

Had a lovely small family get together BBQ here last night. We have a young couple (from the blokes side of the family) visiting for a month. They live in a small town called Einbeck, Germany and to say they find the contrast of our wide brown land a shock is an understatement. Marlene, is a newly qualified teacher and she is the one related to the bloke showed us photos of her family farm where they breed the beautiful Hanover horses. The farm is of course lush and green and refreshing. Oh if only...
They have come to us as the partner of Marlena is a mining engineering student, looking to carry out some work experience. Unfortunately for him it is not that easy to just walk in and work Strict policies prevent this. But anyway they are keeping themselves busy and the girls are taking them to various places.

Source: Wikipedia-some of the historical timber buildings

I absolutely love to find out how other people live and so it is a real plus for me. We are hoping to foster a relationship between out kids so that they may have a place to go should they travel to those parts. We are fairly sure they will.
I am what you could call an armchair traveller. :)

Well this is a quick post as I have only just managed to have the quilts photographed and they still need to be loaded on.
I really hope that whatever your doing it's done with a smile on your dial.

Take care lovelies, till next time,


  1. I watched High Society on DVD and made a chicken curry. Then I played Animal Crossing on my Wii. It was lovely. I long gave up the need to be the party girl all the time, I like my own space.

  2. Oh, I think I was watching the same footy show as your hubby! (I must confess hubby and I indulged in a glass or two of wine as well - my reward for working all day on Saturday! :-)) The farm of your guests sounds stunning - how wonderful to hear of their stories and their way of life!