Saturday, August 13, 2011

12months today

Hello mum. It's 12 months today since you left us. It was early on the Friday morning that your long struggle ended. I am still caught up in the aftermath of losing a loved one. The disbelief. Wanting the phone to ring, to hear your voice just once more. To ask that question that only you would know the answer to.
Ringing your number knowing that you will never again answer.that is what chokes me. It is so bloody final.
Till we meet again.


  1. Huge hugs!
    They say a parent should never outlive their offspring.. but the other way around seems just as cruel. xx

  2. I understand. I miss my mum every day too and can identify with everything you have said. (((Hugest Hugs Ever!))) xx

  3. Beautiful words - my thoughts are with you Jan.