Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Hello on a cool, but sunny afternoon. I wanted to come here and post to get myself into the habit after a long time of not regularly blogging. I know there is one young lady living in Perth W.A who eagerly awaits news from me. So in an attempt to please her and perhaps amuse some others here I am.
Now I would like to have come to you with exciting tales and all, but I simply don't have any. This is partly due to me not getting out of the house, and also because I struggle with the idea that someone else could be interested in the ramblings about my life.

To date I have managed to stay relatively safe with my writting; not quite brave enough to divulge all of my personal information. I mean there are some things that one should keep to themselves.

For years many years but especially since 2008 I have been dealing with some major health problems. These have led to me becoming dependant on others to assist me with day to day care. One major area is personal care. Our house is ideal for most people, but not so much if your on the big side. Actually not just big, but fat +++.
The ensuite shower I used was/is a case in point. The builders of the place obvioulsy designed it on the 'small person model'.

But for me the narrow doorways and the boxy shower stall were a real problem. The bloke removed the shower stall earlier on but we were left with the bricked hob. Of course as my mobility decreased so did my ability to walk over it. It was a major safety hazard and one that made me nervous as a fall for me could mean very serious consequences. Anyway a few months back, the bloke, with sledge hammer in hand went in and knocked out the hob and retiled the area with leftover tiles from a previous renovation thank goodness for over-ordering. :) Below is a pic of the bathroom with a flat floor no more hob to clamour over. Still needs to be finished in regards to installing a new wall basin and tiling to be finished. I want a pretty bahroom that is user friendly for me. Oh and on a small budget.

 Now if money and space was not an object the following bathroom would be something I would consider.

Now below is what my bathroom might end up looking like. Mostly because it is quite a small room approx. 2m x 2m. The toilet is in the same position as ours is. However whilst this bathroom is certainly disabled friendly, it is rather utilarian, and I will insist on much more prettiness. :)

Furthermore I have a problem buying shoes. I have lymphodeama in my legs, left arm and my right foot is very swollen and prevents me from wearing my lovely shoes, so they are packed away in boxes. I don't actually have shoes at present that fit me, further preventing me accessing the outdoors. I can if pushed manage to shove on some vinyl slides that can be dangerous as they become slippery when wearing them. So I am barefoot, but not pregnant!I was looking at these online but without trying them on it is hard to know if they would fit. It is very hard not to be dispirited. My obstacles seem almost too much. And yet I go on. Hoping for a miracle, but knowing I need to create my own.

So as not to leave the post with such a tale I will finish with a colourful little blob about the quilt I have finished, albeit the binding. 
I think there will be some people who read my blog thinking hasn't she shown that pic before. And I would tell them great memory folks. Yes I have feaurted this pic before and wanted too again as it is my blog and I love how this looks. I am teaching myself to hand quilt and have a way to go before I can call myself competent. But I am enjoying the process. My stitches look less like grains of rice and more like rats tails.

I hope any one reading my blog finds the material worthy of reading.
I will endeavour to come more often, let me know how you think I am going if you get time.
Any ideas welcome.


  1. Hi Jan,

    I just wanted to say that I enjoy your "ramblings" as you put it. I'm sorry to read of your medical condition and can only imagine how it makes things challenging for you at times. You are a very creative woman and I could look at pictures of your quilting exploits all day! :-)

  2. I think all houses could be more user friendly for everyone and it's doesn't add to the cost of the house if it's done right from the start. I think your quilt is really lovely and if you're enjoying the process that's all that really matters.

  3. I agree with artfindskate's comments above - I enjoy reading your blog so much too Jan.
    Good luck with the bathroom - wouldn't we all love that gorgeous one in the photo too!
    It strikes me that the potted orchid in that pic is, in some small way, one of the nicest features of the room - I mean, the tiling is lovely (but expensive!) but the real "prettiness" as you put it comes from the flowers I think. I put a (artificial) potted plant in our small & utilitarian bathroom, and it really prettied it up :)
    By the way, I replied to your comments here: thanks for reading ^_^

  4. The red shoes on the right look like something that a shoe repairer might be able to add some soft elastic to. It might help the shoes fit and be more comfortable on you lymphodema.
    Your quilt is beautiful.