Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blossoms & Bells

Almond blossom in out yard

Good morning Blossoms (that's you the reader)

Check out the blossoms above. I just love them each year when they come out. The tree was given to us by the blokes sister when we moved to this house and it has grown to an object of great beauty. The cockeys that arrive each year ensure that we don't get to eat the almonds, but we don't mind, being able to see it is enough. And we have plenty to eat. :)

Bells I purchased from Oxfam

Today I have to get onto some of my projects that have been lying around unfinished for no other reason than procrastination. Oh and a huge dose of weariness. Turns out I am severely anaemic and so I commenced taking iron tablets this past Friday. I do hope they work as my energy levels are barely registering.
It's funny the bloke has a condition called haemochromatosis, which is too much iron in the body and me and three of my daughters have low iron deposits.
I was chatting to my middle daughter today. She lives in a small coastal city some 12 hours drive from us. It seems despite just landing herself a job she really likes she is home sick. She has been up there about three years now and loved it initially, but now the novelty has worn off she has discovered that she wants to be closer to family and her friends. She would love to live in Perth where she has many friends and some family members. It is just 4 hours drive from where she currently lives.
Oh the choices we make. What to do eh?

On another note my eldest daughter called me this morning to ask if I want to go for a drive to check out her new rental place and get a coffee. Oh yes please I said :) I have not been out in over a month I think. The back was giving me grief today so popped pain killers and that has settle down now, thank goodness.

This is my eldest girl with her pound puppy Jessie

I have included a pic of me that was taken by the bloke
 through the window. I didn't know until I downloaded them.

Well that's it folks.


  1. What beautiful photos Jan! That photo of the wind-chime with the blossoms is absolutely stunning. Hope you had a lovely time out and about at coffee.

  2. Thanks Kate my hubby took them and I love the wind chime pic, it is special.
    We are intending to head out bush and search for wildflowers in a couple of weeks. :)