Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's not all a bed of roses

26 years ago
on a cool, overcast Saturday afternoon
The Bloke and I
were married in St Mathews Church
I was nervous, just 20 years old.
As were signing the marriage certificate
a large, black spider dropped down
and hovered above the table.
My brother who got a fright
 and not given to
a genteel vocabulary
let out a choice expletive
in the presence of the
presiding minister.
It provided light relief
from what was a quite
formal occasion.
26 years.
Five beautiful daughters
2 house moves
and here we
Yes he bought me the roses
after he initially forgot
the girls called
to remind him.
I don't really mind
I am used to him by now.

I have other news and pictures but will do that tomorrow. My internet is being shaped and it is painfully slow.
Talk soon.

1 comment:

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