Monday, November 29, 2010

Memory Craft 6600 Professional

Image courtesy of Janome web site

I am happy to introduce my newest acquisition. I have long coveted this machine since first seeing it on numerous sewing & quilting blogs. Everyone raved about it and the things it can do. I thought that I would not get to own one due to the cost, but a recent small winfall and a subsequent Christmas sale saw me ordering one.
I had my SIL pick it up from my preferred dealer, approx. 700km's away last week and she returned home with it yesterday. The Bloke gave me a hand to unpack it this morning and I am amazed.
It is a beauty.
But until I study the manual I will not touch it, as I am thinking that the super fast speed might see me sewing my fingers and that is not something I want. I am alergic to pain.
It is heavier at 12 kg than my previous machines so my muscles will get a work out.
I am still trying to finish quilts that need to be completed for xmas as they are gifts. Tablerunners, and napkins also need to be started.
I do it all the time leave things to the last minute, then work like a mad thing getting things done. Crazy I tell you.
So until I have some more news to tell you including pictures will say bye for now.

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  1. Great news. Nothing like "indulging" in one's wishes and dreams! I'm looking forward to seeing some examples of your wonderful creations.