Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Little Bit of Show & Tell

Well here I am with a little update on one of my current projects or maybe this is the first youvé heard of it.
Anyway I have been working on some blocks for a quilt by the team at Piece O Cake. The pattern is called My Whimsical Quilt Garden. It is a great, cheery little thing, well not quite little as it has 20 blocks measuring about 11"x 11" I think. I am using fabrics similar to those Becky used (one half of the design team) so out come the yellows, greens, reds, blues. I really love the aqua blue pindot, one of my super favourite fabrics.

We purchased a whiz bang camera late last year in order to take some beautiful pictures of my quilting and sewing oh and other things of course :) The Bloke is the man with the midas touch and he is enjoying lurking around the garden taking some pics. But no matter what we do we are yet to take a decent picture of any of my projects.
I am dissapointed but have not given up, we will keep on going untit we crack it. Any tips kindly recieved.

I am home alone tonight as The Bloke, and my 17 year old daughter and one of her big sisters are attending the year 12 graduation. Oh my wish I ws able to go. The camera went so maybe I can post some pics later?

See ya later folks.

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  1. Looking good Jan! Love your fabric choices, works well. My photographic tip and I am no expert, but sometimes using the flash even though you are taking shots outside, helps. Gets rid of those shadows. And photoshop!