Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Short Break at the coast

Banksias on Pink Lake

Sunset at Pink Lake

Twilight Beach
Hello. Did you like these pictures? I think they are great, The Bloke took them, he is practicing his photographic skills. I think he gets better all the time. As I said we have had a small break at the coast, we drove down Friday morning and had a nice relaxing break, not doing much, reading, sleeping, touristy stuff, eating, breathing in the fresh air. Ah just what I needed. I am cooped up at home for the majority of the time so this was a good thing to do, makes me happy to get home again.
Of course due to my physical limitations there are many aspects to travel that cause me a fair bit of distress. The car is very uncomfortable and it is all I can do to not scream in pain and frustration. Then it is nearly impossible to find facilities that cater to people of a larger size. So I make do, the best I can. The beds are another matter altogether, but this time although the bed was well past its use by date, it was quite comfy, but smaller than what we sleep on at home. At home we have a great king sized bed, and it is luxurious.
But the one of the best things about going away is that it is good to come home where all the comforts of home, suited to me are.

Bliss xx

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