Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I love Pinwheels

Finally I have some new sewing to show. I made these pinwheels some time ago and was unable to work out how I could piece them together in a pleasing manner to make a new quilt. My brain would not work on it for me. But last Monday in a fit of activity I managed to seize the moment and went with the black floral reproduction (I think) that I purchsed last year from a store closing in Perth. Luckily I had purchsed a metre and it did fine to enable me to add sashings and and a good 6 inch border. As I flew along like a mad thing sewing it together I didn't give much thought to matching up lines or anything really. And do you know what? I recognise that this is my style. I rarely get things to match and I now know that I am not really worried by that. This is a big thing to admit for someone like me who has a perfectionist streak.

I love to create and then see what I end up with. Even if I work off a pattern my own design elements creep in. :) That is how it is. I love pinwheels and my sister does too and she has asked me to show her how to make them.

So what are you making now?

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