Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mum is still with us. She is hanging on much longer than they predicted. She is a tough old bird this one. She is never left alone. Family are there at all times. Some come for the day. Another, my daughter actually, does the night shift and sleeps there on a little fold-out bed. Tending to mother, gently and lovingly. This time spent with her nana is something she will remember always. We are all incredibly sad.
It almost seems as if I am holding my breath, waiting for the call. The call we don't want, but know must occur.
I am intending to take on a new sewing project soon. I just feel the urge to create and engage myself in something to make me focus. I feel that I have been driftng along, not really focusing on anything. But now my mind needs something, anything to do. Stop the whirling in my brain, al least for a little while.


  1. Thinking of you Jan and hoping things don't drag on for much longer for your Mum and your family. You all deserve some peace.

  2. Thinking of you.... Prayers sent your way.