Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

Hello out there. I imagine you may have stopped checking on this blog, after the lack of new posts. I did try to post one yesterday but blogger just was not playing nice. Talk about slow.
I am sitting here this afternoon with the television on, the hubby is at work and the girls are in their rooms either sleeping or watching movies. I was laying in bed this morning when the phone rang at 7.30am it was Katie wanting to wish her dad happy father's day, not realising he was at work. But I told her she could wish me happy father's day and she could come cook me the father's day brekky too. She did too and it wa syummy eggs, bacon, baked beans and toast with a lovely coffee. Yummo!
Spent the rest of the morning chatting which I do enjoy and then we watched a movie together which was a real laugh-just what I needed.
Sundays are quiet here as we go about getting ready for the week ahead. Things are different here now since hubby started his new job that means he now works 4 days on followed by 4 days off. Well so far we have been though one cycle and although I love having him around, we need to get used to this new arrangement.
He plans on taking care of some badly overdue home maintenance. Yipee!
I've got to get the pad and pen out.
I have also been quilting my pinwheel quilt and used clear thread again, but I am not going to say it was good, it was very challenging to say the least. I mean it is hard to see the thread to put it in the needle. It is good at covering mistakes though. :)
Anyway I will shut up now and get this posted so you can see something new. I have some new pics in my camera to download too next time.

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  1. I can imagine how the new routine takes a bit of getting used to Jan. It would be like retiring I suppose and getting used to having them under our feet! How lovely having brekky and watching a movie with your daughter, I love doing special things like that with my daughter, its fun.