Monday, August 2, 2010

Good morning.
 Is it just me or are you also amazed at the speed of 2010? I am shocked to see that the date is already 2nd August, when I was so sure it was January just a few weeks back. Is this a sign of me getting older I wonder.

Well, on the sewing front I don't have much to report except that last week I took delivery of some special fabrics from here.
As I may have said before I love bird fabrics. Little birds, bug birds, all types really. When I ordered the large bird fabrics as in the above red bird I had it in my mind to use it for appliqueing with. You know just cutting around the shapaes and then stitichign them onto cloth. However since I have them in my hot little hands, I feel torn, and don't want to cut into them now. After all what would become of all that white fabric surrounding the birds, leaces and flowers?
Does anyone else have this dilemma or is it my OCD showing itself?
Also is there anyone who can tell me how they use their large design fabrics?
Otherwise I will continue to drape them decorativley over the baskets strategically placed about my home.

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