Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The bloke lighting the bbq for our bush lunch
I feel that not much has been happening around here. But when I think harder I realise that of course there is, but maybe I'm just a little disassosiated from it all.
Changes. Allways will be. This is life. The bloke is embarking on a new job soon. It will mean that he gets to be home more. Now this change I do like. We have big plans to fill this increased time at home. Finishing renovations *sigh*, more home cooking, becoming more organised, small trips away.
Yes this new chapter looks like it might be fun, I'll let you all know.
Not much sewing unless you count two tiny drink coasters made from scraps. But I can feel another project coming on. And I think it will be a big one. I am considering making a new quilt for my bed, but rather than struggle with the buld of fabric that makes up a king sized bed quilt, I reckon I will send it of to the long arm quilter-yeh.

An poor attempt at photographing quilts

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