Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's all about the boy!

This little fellow is going to be the happiest poodle around tomorrow afternoon. Why? Well his most favourite person in the world, who also happens to be our yougest daughter, returns from 2 weeks holidays.
 The bloke and I have been dogsitting and we are more than ready to hand the responsibility back to the girl. Why? Because this dog has been very demanding. He wants to go out then 5 minutes later he barks to get back in. We let him in then he sits at the door with pleading eyes until we let him out again. This goes on all day and half the night!
We are so tired and my nerves are stretched. Somehow his restlessness carries to me and I can't rest properly as he wonders the house looking for his girl. Sad too some times as he goes out to the patio gate and sits there looking through the slats on the gate waiting for her to return. He will stay there for hours.
We got this pup from my sister who had heard that this dog was being given away as the owners were moving away and were unable to take this dog and his wife (yes our baby was married). Any way my sister thought he would be a good companion for out mother, after dad died. She didnt think she could look after him so they came to me. Big mistake! Of course we could not resist him. :)
He adopted the yougest as his own human pet. He is 100% devoted to her and spends every waking moment with her, always near her and never far from her. The only time he accepts that she's not here is when she goes to school. Anything else and he frets.
A clever, loyal, freindly little fella.
Smog says welcome home Paula and so do we.

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