Monday, July 12, 2010

Back by popular demand

A couple of people asked when I would be updating my blog as they were getting bored of seeing no updates. So here I am again, trying to make my ramblings into sensible writing.
To be honest things have been a bit slow aroud these parts for w while. I have debated whether to share with others in blogland about the black dog, or depression. I suffer from it and I say suffer becuause it is a miserable, soul destroying sapper of life force. And not only do I suffer, but so do those who are my nearest and dearest. Living with a person with depression is a real test of love, patience, tenacity and courage. I think the Bloke has this in spades.
He can withstand gale force cycles, doing his utmost to tempt me out of them :) Thanks bloke.

Now this blog is acting as a little public diary to record my ramblings and thoughts, and may or may not make sense to others reading. But I do encourage comments so if you want to say hi please do so.
I have not sewn much except a table runner that I am yet to finish. I will take a picture and post it on the next blog. It just needs to be quilted around the applique and then have the binding attached and it's all good to go.
It is blowing a gale outside right now and the trees are nearly bent over backwards and the rain is sleeting down. I love the rain but not the wind. I have just seen the poor postie delivering mail, hate to have his job today.
For some reason blogger is taking years to uploa pics so I am of to work on that a bit longer. It seems it is the photos from my camera as the little cartoon worked fine.
Stay tuned folks. :0
Thanks for reading.


  1. Hi Jan,
    Just popped over from Chookyblue to leave you a Hi and welcome to blogland.

  2. Jan, its nice to read your posts whenever you feel like chatting. I know exactly what you go through with depression being a sufferer myself. There is nothing better for the soul than being able to put words down and let our feelings escape. It is very relaxing. We can both be thankful for our blokes, who know us and still love us and accept us.

  3. Hi Jan, thought I would make a return visit to you ..... hope you can get to blogging more often... it is therapeutic. PS Chookyblue has a great tip for emailing pictures instead of loading through blogger - I had the same problem as you..... Hugz from Bubz

  4. Thanks ladies. It is nice to chat and to express yourself and then to find others in the same boat.
    I hope I do get better at blogging and learning all the stuff there is to know.
    Yes chookyblue has a great blog and I did read that article.