Friday, July 16, 2010

Well TGIF. For the past 2 weekends the bloke has been taking the whole weekend of from paid work. He then spends the weekend doing all the stuff that needs doing in the house and yard. He goes at his own pace and already this has made a huge difference to our life. He is a little more relaxed I am really happy to have another person in the house and it just seems to be generaly happier house. It has been quite good not having the girl here for the past 2 weeks although she returns home on Monday.

It has given us a glimpse of what our life will be like if and when she flies the coop later in the year.
Dont get me wrong I love her a lot but it has done us both good to be apart for a while.
I never thought when I had the five kids in various stages of childhood that this time would come, it seems never ending.
Now a new life is appearing on the horizon and I am scared, anxious, happy, sad, hopeful and also proud.
This is the first time that hubby and I get to be just a couple again and frankly I don't know what we are in for.
We had the first of our kids 6 months after we married so have been a steadily growing family for 25 years.
Now looking to the future.


  1. Jan, I'm with you there! I am loving it now that one of ours has left home and the other one isn't here often. I find that it is so nice learning about my husband again and being a couple again. Enjoy every minute of it.
    hugs Deb

  2. A huge change to be sure. But I'm sure you will have fun working out want you want from the future.