Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ebbs & Flows

Cottesloe Beach, Perth W.A

Ebbs and flows.Life is like that isn't it?

I sit here writing in my blog this morning after a bad start to the day.

Or as it is more commonly known in this house- getting out of the wrong side of the bed!

Not sure where that saying came from, but I might look it up if I remember later on. Back to add that I did look up the saying which is actually called an idiom and this is the background info here.

You see I have some significant health issues that are not easily fixed and some most days I am woken from my sleep, in the very early hours, by pain. It take me a while to be able to stand and do the stagger to the bathroom and then out to the dining room where I have a couch all set up to accomodate my tired, worn body.

Anyway after that the pain settles a bit and then I just have stiffness and arthritic issues.

But after all this I can then get onto the net and write and check in on my assorted blogs that I follow. I also do a facebook check in though that is so slow I give up most of the time.

If I have a sewing day planned I will get started on that. But I really have to psyche myself up to get into the vibe.

At the moment I have just one WIP, and really I am just waiting on me being able to find some Charm squares to match the ones I have already put into this quilt. It will be for my youngest daughter who wants a new bright bed cover.

Seagull Cottesloe Beach, Perth W.A

Well things are slowly getting better, partly thanks to the coffee my dear daughter went out and bought for me. Mmmmm I can feel myself alligning with my world now...

What are your mornings like? Are you facing some life challenges, if so how do you cope?

Talk more soon.


  1. Aw Jan you must have some really miserable days. That is so frustrating for you. I understand having the need to get the "vibe" to do things, sometimes I get up with big plans and just end up sitting doing nothing and then get grumpy when I do nothing but giving myself the kick needed doesn't happen. Pleased to hear your coffee has given you a bit of a start, nothing like a good coffee.

  2. Hey Jan, I had a brought coffee too this morning, was feeling pretty good anyway but a brought coffee makes the world so much better! Love the photos of Cottesloe, can't imagine I'll be there for awhile. Look after yourself. x