Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Arvo

Hello. It is a lazy Sunday afternoon in our place, well for me it is anyway. The Bloke is painting the girls room and I am here labouring away over a hot laptop. Oh woe is me.
I have finally put the Annie's garden quilt into the wash and I am excited to see how it will look after it goes all crinkly, I love that look in my quilts, does anyone else?

The eldest daughters quilt top is made and I got a bit carried away. I told her that it was going to be just double bed or less in size due to the battle I have quilting it with my little machine. Well after it is all pieced it is big, very big approx. 85x85 inches square. Now I have to buy the batting and backing fabric.

I know the pictures are not the best quality, still learning to use the flash new camera.

Speaking of camera the bloke got excited this morning, grabbed the canon and of he went out the front to snap some pics of the cockies on the neighbours lawn eating the grass. For those not familiar with the tern cockies they are also known as pink & grey galahs. They can be very noisy especially when they squawkers hatch (new born cockies). They sit high up in the trees and squawk for hours on end sending some people crazy. They also eat the seeds in lawns, but not ours because we don't have much of one.When we first moved here the neighbours used to make scarecrows to try deter the birds from the lawns, didn't have much success but they sure looked good.

Once again the pics are giving me grief so will be back later to try to put them in. I won't blame anyone else except myself this time, it is me not knowing how to do various things here with blogger, as I learn then I can do more and more. So there I have outed myself in public.
Here they are:

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