Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sleepy Saturday

Well hi again folks-that's if there is anyone out there reading, and if there's not, well I am talking to myself. That's okay I think, as long as no-one else knows that. As the title says I am so tired today, actually have been the whole week. I do have sleep issues but this week has been worse as I struggle to focus on any one thing for even short lengths of time.

So, I just go with it, not much else I can do really. But there is something I have noticed about myself lately-and I will warn people (the ones that may or may not be reading this) that I do come to things in my own time, and not before!

When I drink my quota of water I do not feel as tired as usual. Yes there you have it at the grand old age of 45 I finally get the connection. *blush*.

And in another announcement I am sad and a little reluctant to fess up ...but...ohhh...I have commenced my former habit of consuming a certain black, fizzy drink. *head down in shame*.

Yep! I caved big time last night and begged for the demon drink and the ever peace loving bloke went and obeyed my command and purchased the said drinks for me. And they tasted too nice.

So after these 2x 1.5 litre bottles are gone I will give it another go.

Due to human error there are no more pics for the moment until I work out what I have done this time.


  1. Thats okay Jan, I can relate to what you are saying about that demon black drink. I try hard to stay away from it and when I do drink it I drink diet and caffeine free, it just knocks me for six and makes me so lethargic. I must admit I love water and guzzle it especially wit ice chips. Just got to listen to the sensible person who sits on my shoulder and tells me that I am being stupid when I do the silly things as far as diet go. Oh well, life is hard at times.
    hugs Deb

  2. Ditto - I am also addicted. I am trying to cut WAY back. I don't do diet drinks. My drink of choice for summer is brewed ice tea....but there is nothing like the "fizz"....
    Anyway - Happy Summer !!! and Happy Quilting

  3. Thanks ladies I am in good company by the sounds.
    I drink caffeine free diet coke too Deb. Yukky stuff.