Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hi yes it has been quite some time since my last blog. I have been feeling under par to be honest and felt unable to post anything blog worthy. Recently I have managed to complete the annies quilt and have a pic for you to see, although I apologise for the low quality of the photo. After a quick, gentle wash in the machine it has come out looking a little crushes and has that 'well loved'look, a look I love.
Nearly all of my quilts look like this, and I believe it's because I choose not to prewash any of the fabrics or batting. I love to sew with the fabrics that have not been washed as they are easier to manage for me.

Yet another lovely Mother's Day has passed. Three of my beautiful girls are dispersed around W.A and so were unable to be with us, but two of them still live near and they did a great job of trying to keep their mother happy. Flowers, chocolates, relaxation C.D, scarf and a super mum coffee cup were the order of the day. Oh and a cooked brekky followed by a delicious roast dinner. Mmmm love my bunch.

I am pretty happy that two of the girls are coming to visit for a few days, and the influc will start tomorrow :) The bloke is driving to Perth to assit number 4 driving the 600+ km's. We do worry about the kids driving such long distances, well more me really I am a worrier.
What do you think about this beautiful rose? Phil cut it from the patio pot plant and bought it in for me a couple of weeks back. The perfume was magic, just like the roses of old.

Now that is it for the day but I will try very hard to come back very soon and post something. I also hope to have much better pictures.

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