Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What a rocking week

About an hour after the last post, an earthquake rocked our world here in the Goldfields. I was sitting on my couch when an almighty blasting type noise and massive earthshaking boom came out of nowhere. I admit that I did not cope to well. I screamed, cried and had a major panicked reaction. I just had no idea what was happening, and really thought my world was ending. When the dust settled we found that an earthquake of 5.2 magnitude had struck out desert home. This was such a shock for all of us, although there are many reports of those who did not feel a thing either because they were still asleep or were in a vehicle travelling. The town of Boulder, especially Burt street was hit the worst and many heritage buildings were severely damaged and are at risk of being lost forever. As the dust clears on a stunned city it is clear that most of us unprepared for such abnormal events of this extent. I am relearning the actions to take int he event of another earthquake, you just never know when it might happen again.

On another note the quilt is finished, albeit for the binding. I was so pleased to quilt it finally and used for the first time I used clear mono filament thread to do it. I was nervous about using it, but after being assured it is used with good results I was of and quilting. It can only be used as the top thread with normal quilting cotton in the bobbin. I love the way the thread takes on the colour of the fabric it is sewing. Does anyone else use this, how do you find it? I was intending to hand quilt this quilt, I was in no hurry, but after a few lame attempts at it, I decided to machine quilt it as I can not for the life of me hand quilt. I will keep trying though...
I need to find the perfect fabric for the binding now. I wanted to use some polka dots, but it did not work at all. So, I need to order some in to match the inner borders, then it will be complete.

I have made a start on the quilt for my eldest Amy. I used a bit of what I liked and it will be a real hotchpotch of colours-├žos I can.

So all in all the past week was eventful and I am hoping this week will be more...calm and pleasant.

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