Friday, May 21, 2010

Food glorious food

I don't cook anymore, havn't for years. The bloke cooks as do the daughters, and for the past 5 weeks the second eldest has been the chief cook and bottlewasher. I'm not complaining. We eat simple here. That's okay.
We do want to start eating healthier though, not that we eat rubbish now but the choices could be better. We get really sick of meat,meat, meat. I love soups but the others are not so keen so we don't have them. Favourites are pumpkin, chicken noodle, cauliflower that a friend makes and many others.
One I do want to try is Kumera and chick pea soup. I am fairly recent convert to Kumera which is also known as sweet potato. I love it mashed with creamy potatoes too.
I think that some of my next posts will be around food and new ones and some old ones we eat in this home. Even the foods that a few special freinds like to cook when we get together, and if I am really clever and remember I will even post the recipes.

The above photo was taken by chief cook Katie and is our familys version of Potato Bake.
Recipe: enough Potatoes for your needs, low fat cream, pepper, cream of chicken soup mix, grated tasty cheese.
Peel, slice and par boil the spuds and then drain. Mix together the soup mix, cream and pepper. Pour over spuds. Sprinkle grated cheese over the top, we also add a little parmesean cheese for an extra kick. Bake in hot oven until cheese is crispy brown. Yummo.
'This is even nicer the next day too, if there is any left that is. :)

Well that's all for this time folks, I'll be back again when I can get myself organised to download some more pictures and be able to write more than one sentence.


  1. Ow Jan pumpkin and kumera soup is yummy. So is curriedkumera soup.
    hugs Deb

  2. Hey Deb thanks for leaving a note. Yes I am a new devotee to kumera, a late bloomer thats me :)
    I also love curry and it is such a warming food for this time of the year.