Monday, May 31, 2010

It's Monday afternoon and I am here again, don't be surprised. I was speaking to one of my kidlets (No. 4) this morning and she told me that she logs on every day to see if I have made a new blog post so here it is Nicole just for you, and because you might be the only one reading this blog I thought it would be okay to showcase some of my favourite you pics :)

The following few photos are some of my favourite, of course there are many more we have after all had this kid for 20 years :) We are proud of her for marching to her own beat.
For overcoming some major obstacles and for following her dream. This girl can achieve things that's for sure. Look out world!


  1. Gosh Jan, your daughter looks like you. She looks like a lovely girl.
    hugs Deb

  2. Thanks Mum xoxo. Miss ya.

  3. Hi Deb, do you think she looks like me? Well not many people say that, but I do think shes gorgeous.
    And Nicole now you know that I do upate my blog from time to time :)