Monday, April 19, 2010

Back again

Finally I've made it back to blog land. It's not for the want of trying either. I have 4 drafts saved in blogger and this effort today is to show that I really can write a few words and put a few pictures up. Boy the technology and my capabilities are at loggerheads I tell ya.
Still after today I hope to have more stuff to show you and some sage words and all.:)
Still working on the Annie's garden quilt, but I don't want to talk about it :/
Oh alright then. I was piecing it together today hooray for me, and using a cute little stitch just to make sure it all held together. I lifted it from the machine and much to my dismay I had managed to sew the panels in the wrong order! No there was no way I could pass it of as It's meant to be like that". This needed unpicking! Oh why hadn't I just used the normal size stitch, why oh why? So, this is gonna take me a while folks so in the mean time I will throw some pics up, nothing to do with anything here but pretty.

Look I tried to Post some pics but it's just not working. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Meantime cue the test pattern music....
Okay until I can get blogger to cooperate with me here are some random pics-enjoy :0

This is a king size quilt I made for our bed last year. It was a huge project and thanks to the bloke and my daughter P who helped me with it. The young lady in question reclines upon the said quilt.

This is a piece of fabric I have had in my stash for some time. I want to use it but hate the thought of slicing into it. What would others use it for?

This is a picture of the Mundaring Weir and for all you non W.A people it is where we country folk in the Goldfields get out water supply from. The pipeline that brings it up is very, very long. We were in Perth in March and went sightseeing and the bloke wanted to try the new camera out so there you go. I just got scared at the volume of water and the fact that it was about 40 degrees in the shade!


  1. Hi Jan, don't those "melting moments" hack you off. Nothing worse than having t unpick but we all have to do it at some stage. Just know that once its undone you'll be on a roll again.

  2. Hi Deb

    Yes this project has taken me so long and now I am near the end for this to happen makes me crazy. I have nearly finished the unpicking. I had offered my daughter $50 to do it but she refused! Thanks for dropping in and comenting, I'll be checking you out tomorrow after the days chores are done.