Thursday, April 1, 2010

It''s Gonna be a Good Day

A few fabric pretties

Just some of the fabrics used in the applique

The above fabrics are in my new applique-Annies Garden. This quilt pattern is single bed size and somehow I will be extending it to be at least a double bed size. I am unsure how I will do that yet, but it won't be by using extra applique blocks. These ones are time consuming for me.
I tire easy. I am hoping to finish this before winter sets in so the reciever is able to cuddle under it and enjoy a bright day. The picture below has no relevance at all to the above pictures or indeed to the subject of this post, but I love that
it is bright and pretty, so placed it here to cheer me and hopefully you up. A big ask really isn't it? Oh well let's see how we go.

Looks like a nice day here, the weather has a crisp coolness to it that really refreshes me, not to mention that I have a lovely cup of coffee, bought for me by my special bloke. He's a legend that man. Well today I am intending to work on my applique project. I got a fair bit of it done last night, and will take a pic soon and show you the progress. But my dafodils are not yellow! Oh no, they are very, very colourful and are sure to make an impact. I confess that I am not a methodic sewer, I am all over the place, and this is reflected in my work. I often think I would like to be able to be more neat, more consistant, but I'm not. I am learning to accept my style and love it. See you tomorrow.

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