Sunday, January 30, 2011

Galleries of Pink Galah's

Tree over the back from us

This time every year flocks of pink & grey galahs come to visit our neighbourhood. They love to hang out in a tree over the back from us and their babies, known as squawkers for obvious reasons, create such a cacophony that it has driven some people to create all sorts of scarecrows in a futile attempt to deter them from their seasonal migration.

Not to be put off they fly in and gorge themselves on any lawn that has been seed planted, as they love the seeds in the grass apparently. At our house though our lawn is the poverty pack type, grown from grass runners from my Bil's lawn. They tend not to like that sort. :)

But they do love to nibble on our one and only conifer. And we don't mind one little iota. In fact we get so excited that the bloke gets the camera out and runs around incognito snapping off photos. In one shot of the galahs on out T.V aerial he took it with the camera through a gap in the roof of the patio, such a sneak, the bloke my be able to get a job as a paparazzi.

Galah's in our conifer 

No wonder our t.v reception gets grainy

What ya looking at mate?
So what is this all about you may ask? Well it's about finding the joy in the simple and ordinary things in life.


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  1. Hi Jan

    There's so much joy in the simple and ordinary things in life. Thousands of people are miserable and can't see the woods for the trees (or the galahs)