Thursday, January 20, 2011

Simple Abundance & Quilt love


This is what is making me smile, petunias grown by the bloke hanging out
on the patio

I can't remember the names of these little beauties

More pretties

Now here is one of my small quilts that I commenced one maniacal Sunday arvo.
I had been looking at this bunch of 1930's reproduction fabrics for some time, trying to work out what I would sew with them. After seeing this solid grey fabric on so many quilting blogs I purchased some and then it hit me I would combine the two of these and see what I ended up with.
This is it.
Not too bad.
I like it.
The photos don't do it justice.
True, not just saying that.

Another view taken in the hallway,
still not too clear is it?

Here is a lovely little
cushion I made from a new book
called Simplify, by Camille Roskelley
one of my favourite designers.
I am not so good with making pillow
and cushion backs but these instructions
were Jan friendly. :)

Yeh-I did it.
Yet another go at draping this quilt
Epic fail!
This is a ruin at Kunanalling, approx 60 kms from Kalgoorlie W.A
In it hey day it was a popular watering hole
called The Premier Hotel.
If only those walls could talk.

Hanging over the car door
 yes he does try hard for me.
Love ya bloke. :)

We have had this new beaut camera for about 12 months I think and we are yet to take one really great picture of any of my quilts. I have read the books, asked advice and yet still we are just not getting it right.
I read so many blogs and their pictures are awesome. I want mine to look like theirs do.
Why is it so hard? If anyone has any tips for me that just might save my sanity, or preserve what is left. :)

If I must look for a positive it could be that while the pics are not as clear as I would like they are concealing the little oopsies I make. :)

Take care



  1. For non-quilt makers (but admirers of the craft and the people who do it - you especially!), your latest endeavours are beautiful. Keep at it Jan - you inspire us all.

    And yes - if only the walls of those old pubs could talk - I bet there are plenty of stories simply untold but hidden within the stones and dust.

  2. Loving your quilt and cushion. Must look out for Camille's book, I like her work also.
    Your petunia's and Impatiens (Dizzy Lizzy's) are great, they are wonderful plants for colour. Your "Blokes" a good one, better keep him-lol