Monday, January 17, 2011

Goals & Dreams

Lovely gerberas

As the post title suggests each year I have a list of goals and dreams that I hope to achieve over the year. I will share them with those people who are involved in my life so they can see if they can come on board to help me achieve them.

This year's are similar to 2010's goals, I suppose what you could call recurrent goals and dreams.

They are:

On the health front

1. Continue to work on my health. This will involve continuing to have regular medical appointments and seeing other health professionals as needed. I need to confront my fears in this regard and allow myself to accept their help. (I don't like the dentist)

2. Continue to have 6 small meals per day. These meals will be as nutritionally balanced and tasty as we can make them, and not go above the 2000 calorie per day limit.

3.Continue to explore new foods and try new recipes.

4. Leave the house more. Now this is a biggie for me, due to several reasons. However with planning and foresight could be doable.

5. Continue my search for peace and authenticity. And allow myself to be vulnerable so that I may receive all that is coming my way.

Writing Goals

Endeavour to write often and better. Journal my family of origin details so that the girls will know a little more of their roots. A friend gave me a great bunch of questions to help me to know what to write. She also gave me a pretty journal to record it all in too. Thanks Sue.

Sewing Goals

Well of course it is to sew more.
Use my stash of fabric, and limit fabric buying, even though  the dollar value in the USA is great right now.

Be more adventurous and take risks with new designs. After all what is the worse that can happen? Some fabric might need to be discarded? Well worse things happen at sea, as the saying goes.

I will have many more goals as the year goes on but this enough for now.
I have been in an energy slump, hence the gap in posts.

I did intend to put up some photos of what I have been doing lately but someone has misplaced the lead for the camera. And no it wasn't me, it was the youngest member of the family.


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  1. Tiny steps Jan will make anything possible. Even one step towards your goals and dreams is positive. Lots of support here whenever you need it.