Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hot crow drinking from an air-con sprinkler

Hello my friends. Long time between chats. I have been enjoying a well earned break from the hear and humidity these past few days. From 46 degree Celsius days to 25, is pure and utter heaven. I don't do humid days well at all. My breathing is laboured and it is unpleasant all round. Poor hubby at work in a shed on a mine site, I feel for him the poor soul.

I have been feeling overwhelmed again in my own little life, and when I am like that I can not function enough to write anything coherent.
I have days when it seems like the act of sitting up is more than I can deal with. Staring out the window at the dogs, the trees swaying in the breeze, the top of the posties helmet as he rides past delivering mail: which hopefully are not bills.

If my family are all at work I hunger for human contact. Someone to chat too, to take me away from my own dismal thoughts, even for a little while.
I am often lonely when their are people at home. Some ask, how can you be lonely when there are people there. Quite easy. Not sharing a conversation, being absorbed in what there doing, not relating personally, using their iPhone, laptops, computers, reading. Not talking.
I try hard to make conversation but it is not taken up and so is left to dry out and wither up.
I look up when they walk through the dining room where I am perched on my built up sofa, desperate for someone to see me, really see me and say hello Jan/Mum how are you? Can I do something for you?
No instead they walk through, their heads down, no eye contact, hoping I wont ask them to do something.
Can't blame them really, demanding I am. But if only they asked me, engaged with me every now and then, the need to keep asking would shrink.

Yes I am having a pity party and you can come if you want. :)
Maybe this is not what I should write, maybe this is displaying a side of myself that will turn people away. But I am writing this because this is what I feel like saying.

It's not all happy days here and I tell it like it is, whether that is blog suicide is yet to be seen.

I also have some pictures to show you so that this post is not too bland.

The fabrics featured are going to be used in an upcoming queen sized quilt for one of my daughters. Still trying to decide what design to use.
The first lot are from Amy Butler's newest range Soul Blossoms. The picture doesn't do them justice, they are much more vibrant.

Below is a set of 3 fabrics that I could not resist buying. I am yet to decide what their purpose is other than making me happy. I am thinking about purses or bags or even table mats. Decisions.

The above fabrics are Vintage Groove by Carolee McMullin for ADORN it.
Top one is Jumbo Vintage Flower next is Vintage Tweet and then the grey is Vintage Folk Flower.

This is a remnant of Nest fabric by Valorie Wells called Bird Paisley

This piece may be destined to adorn a canvas frame I purchased for the purpose of creating wall art. I would love to buy some fantastic prints for my walls, but seeing as I don't have thousands to spare for that, this idea is the next best thing. I can hang it on my walls with the fabric of my choice and when I tire of it replace it with my current love. :)
Well that is all folks. I am about to ask the bloke if he can help set me up so I can sew some stuff. I just don't know what to do first though, is this ever a problem for you?
If so what do you do?

See ya later


  1. Hi Jan.

    It's awful when you are ignored and find yourself left out of things. I guess they all think you're not really interested in what they're doing because you do things they're not interested in.

    But those fabrics are gorgeous. Can't wait to see the bird framed. It's a lovely piece of fabric.

  2. HI Jan. Haven't been around much lately! I understand how you feel. I, too often feel left out and ignored. I especially hate it when people consistently turn away when I am half way through telling them something. It makes me feel as if what I have to say is insignificant and boring. Maybe I just need to be around people who are more like minded. Who knows? Maybe I am just too sensitive.

    I love those fabrics and could see them on a wall somewhere either framed or quilted. Big hugs.