Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back on air again

Hello there folks. Yes it's been a while between blogs, sorry. My life has been undergoing changes and sometimes these changes take all my energy and so my usual pursuits are sidelined. I have been recieiving some lovely fabric parcels during the past few weeks and they have been a bright spot on some dark times. The funny thing is I delayed in opening them. Did you, like I did as a kid save all the yummiest lollies till last? Delaying the ultimate pleasure-that's me!
So it was a day or so later in some cases before I ripped of the packaging to reveal the goodies inside. I took advantage of the fantastic US dollar and in fact yesterday it was $1 Aus was buying 96.? US dollars-how fortunate for us. The Bloke was all for it, he told me to go for it. Can you imagine how rapt I was.

This pile of goodness includes some Kaffe Fassett colour. I intended to use it for applique but after seeing it in all its glorious colour I don't have the heart to chop it into small bits. Oh the quilters dilemma. lol

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  1. Hey Jan! I have two parcels coming too! My husband said the same thing, go for it! As if we need an excuse!!! I have photos on the blog for you too. Have a great day. :) Helen